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Players of all standards catered for, whether Competitive, Social, Back2Hockey or Beginners
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Flexible membership packages, from single/monthly payments, All Inclusive or simply Pay as you Play




  • POSTPONED:02/12M1 vs St Albans 1 (H)
  • POSTPONED:02/12M5 vs Pelicans 3 (A)
  • POSTPONED:02/12W6 vs Herlings 1 (A)
  • GMS:03/12
    L 1-2MMensO40 vs Ipswich Mens O40 (A)
  • GMS:03/12
    P P-PLO35 vs Pelicans Womens O35 (A)
  • GMS:03/12L 1-7W6 vs Shefford & Sandy 3 (A)
  • GMS:02/12
    P P-PW2 vs Wisbech Town 1 (A)
  • GMS:02/12
    P P-PM4 vs Norwich Exiles (H)

Latest Results

  • 02/12W1Cambridge City 2  [L] (H) (H)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12W2Wisbech Town 1  [L] (A) (A)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12W3Ipswich 3  [L] (H) (H)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12W4Norwich City 5 [L] (A) (A)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12W5Norwich City 4 [L] (H) (H)P P-P  [L]
  • 03/12W6Shefford & Sandy 3 Devt [EH T4 Cup] (A) (A)   [EH T4 Cup]
  • 02/12W6Herlings 1  [L] (A) (A)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12W7Bye 
  • 02/12WDPelicans  [L] (H) (H)P P-P  [L]
  • 03/12WMPelicans O35s [EHC WO35] (A) (A)   [EHC WO35]
  • 03/12M1St Albans 1  [L] (H) (H)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12M2Cambridge 1  [L] (H) (H)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12M3Newmarket 1  [L] (A) (A)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12M4Norwich Exiles 1  [L] (H) (H)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12M5Pelicans 3  [L] (A) (A)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12M6Norwich Dragons 4 [L] (A) (A)P P-P  [L]
  • 02/12MDPelicans  [L] (A) (A)P P-P  [L]
  • 03/12MMIpswich MO40s [EHC MO40 R2] (A) (A)   [EHC MO40 R2]

Next Fixtures

  • 09/12W1Broxbourne 1
    Broxbourne 1 [L]
    (H) 13:00
  • 09/12W2Cambridge South 1
    Cambridge South 1 [L]
    (A) 12:00
  • 09/12W3North Norfolk 1
    North Norfolk 1 [L]
    (H) 11:30
  • 09/12W4Norwich Dragons 5
    Norwich Dragons 5 [L]
    (A) 10:15
  • 09/12W5Norwich Dragons 4
    Norwich Dragons 4 [L]
    (H) 12:15
  • 09/12W6Dereham 4
    Dereham 4 [L]
    (A) 13:00
  • 03/12W6Shefford & Sandy 3 Dev't
    Shefford & Sandy 3 Dev't [EH T4 Cup]
    (A) 13:30
    (A)13:30[EH T4 Cup]
  • 09/12W7Dereham 5
    Dereham 5 [L]
    (H) 10:45
  • 09/12WDWatton
    Watton [L]
  • 03/12WMPelicans O35s
    Pelicans O35s [EHC WO35]
    (A) 12:30
    (A)12:30[EHC WO35]
  • 03/12M1St Albans 1
    St Albans 1 [L]
    (H) 13:00
  • 09/12M2Spalding 1
    Spalding 1 [L]
    (H) 14:30
  • 09/12M3Norwich Dragons 2
    Norwich Dragons 2 [L]
    (A) 13:30
  • 09/12M4Harleston Magpies 4
    Harleston Magpies 4 [L]
    (H) 10:00
  • 09/12M5UEA 3
    UEA 3 [L]
    (A) 15:30
  • 09/12M6Dereham 4
    Dereham 4 [L]
    (A) 11:00
  • 03/12MMIpswich MO40s
    Ipswich MO40s [EHC MO40 R2]
    (A) 15:30
    (A)15:30[EHC MO40 R2]
  • 10/12MMBury St Edmunds MO50s
    Bury St Edmunds MO50s [EHC R3]
    (H) 13:30
    (H)13:30[EHC R3]
  • 10/12MXSt Neots Mixed
    St Neots Mixed [EHC MX]
    (H) 12:00
    (H)12:00[EHC MX]

Norwich City Hockey Club

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Norwich City Hockey Club is one of the largest and ever growing hockey clubs in Norfolk. This web site acts as both a focal point of information for hockey players wanting to know more about our club and also as a way of communicating with and administering our many members.

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New members are always welcome. If you are interested in finding out more information then please contact us.

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    A gentle introduction or re-introduction to hockey, for women and men, whether they have played before or not.

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    Providing hockey for 5 year olds and older, many sessions available for a mix of ages, ability and experience.

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    Turn up and play in midweek evening and weekend organised informal mens, ladies and mixed matches.

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    Teams for all abilities and ages, adult east and norfolk leagues, development leagues, masters, junior and mixed national events.

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