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Golf Day


Friday 4th August 2023
Wensum Valley Golf Club

Wensum Valley Golf Club

Registrations are no longer active for our 2023 event.

Please come back soon for more details on the next golf day details.

If you want to find our more about this and future golf days then please email us via golfday@norwichcityhc.co.uk

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Norwich City Hockey Club

Norwich City Hockey Club run a Golfing Society which plays annually throughout golf courses in and around Norfolk.

If you want to know more about our annual golfing events or wish to be informed of forthcoming golf days then please contact us by sending an email to golfday@norwichcityhc.co.uk

2016Barnham Broom GC
2015Barnham Broom GC
2014Barnham Broom GC
2013Barnham Broom GC
2012Barnham Broom GC
2011Barnham Broom GC
2010Barnham Broom GC
2009Barnham Broom GC
2008Barnham Broom GC
2007Barnham Broom GC
2006Barnham Broom GC
2005Barnham Broom GC
2004Barnham Broom GC
2003Barnham Broom GC
2002Royal Cromer GC


Please note that our golfing event photos taken on our golf days are available from within our main gallery section on this website.


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