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We, at Norwich City Hockey Club will from time to time receive personal information about you.  Sometimes this is from you directly, and sometimes other people will give it to us.  It might be as part of you using this website, or through other means. 

We want to make sure all the personal details we hold about you are safe and secure, so we have put together this note to tell everyone who deals with us, how we make sure we do that and what to do in case you have any questions for us or want to see what information we have.

We are, what is known as, a data controller.   This means we have control over how your details are used and who we pass them to. Giving the information in this note to you is part of our responsibilities to you for "data protection", as part of something you may have heard referred to as GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulations.

We don't need to have a Data Protection Officer, and instead, our Executive Committee will consider issues as they arise. If you have any questions, you can raise them by contacting a member of the Executive Committee, and our contact details are enquiries@norwichcityhc.co.uk

This privacy notice applies to all activity under the remit of Norwich City Hockey Club and any other leagues or other ventures we may operate from time to time.  You will come into contact with other data controllers as part of being involved with hockey, and each of them will have their own policies.  For example, England Hockey have a separate policy, as does the East Region Hockey Association and the Norfolk Hockey Association, and our website provider, also have their own policy separate from ours.    

What type of details do we collect about you?

We might collect the following personal details about you:

  • Details of how we can contact you, such as your name, email address, where you live and phone number.
  • Your birthday and how old you are.
  • Your gender.
  • How you are involved in activities we are responsible for.  For example, if you're on a team sheet, umpire for us, join in at training or coaching, or attend one of our meetings or social events.  Please note this can extend to people who are not members of Norwich City Hockey Club.  For example, we may receive a team sheet with our opponents' and umpires' details on for sending to the relevant league for processing.
  • How you do in both our league and competitions we enter operated by others, for example, we may record goals scored, or your disciplinary record.
  • Records of emails, texts, what's apps and similar messages we send each other, or which appear on social media accounts we or you might be responsible for, e.g. on facebook or twitter.  Please note we do not consider ourselves responsible for communications within your team as we consider them to be made in your personal capacities for social and recreational purposes - although should there be any issues there you can also discuss them with us.
  • Any feedback you give us.
  • Any bank details belonging to you, or your parent or guardian so that we can receive payments from you or you can receive any funding from us and details of any payments you make.
  • How you use our website and any passwords, user names and other things that may identify you to us online.
  • Videos and photos of you.
  • Details of any application for funding you or your parents/guardians have made on your behalf.
  • Details of relevant qualifications or training courses attended for the purpose of verifying appropriate levels of umpiring or coaching.

Special categories of personal information

We may, in limited circumstances, also hold and use what is called "special information".  Special information means things like your colour, background, and what part of the world you or your family members are originally from. 

It might include information about your health such as any injuries you have/have had or times you may not have been very well. We will only use it if we have a really good reason to do so such as:

  • if it is in the interests of the public and we have a lawful reason to use it;
  • we need it to help us with a legal case we are involved in;
  • certain laws allow us to use it; or
  • you have told us you are happy for us to use it.
  • We refer to these as the "special reasons".

Where do we get this information from?

You might tell us directly either in person, by phone, email, or by filling in a piece of paper or an online form.  Your parent/guardian might tell us, or your club, your school, a County Association or someone else involved in running hockey might tell us too.  And of course, if you are someone's parent/guardian, you may well be giving us your own information as well as a child's.  When you give us someone else's information, we ask that you make them aware of this policy, and also consider whether you need their permission to share their information with us.

How do we use your information?

The main thing we are trying to do is to administer hockey.  That includes lots of things, like running or participating in various leagues and competitions, and our teams.  It also means we have responsibilities for helping players, coaches, umpires and other people involved in hockey and we need their details to do that. 

We also keep records.  This helps us keep track of activities we run, and of payments you make to us and we make to you.  This means we can help you more easily if you have a question or if you're not happy with something. 

We may share photos or videos of you as part of our activities, but you can tell us at any time not to do so.  Where you are under 18, we will seek permission from you or your parent/guardian before we do this. We ask that clubs who play against us inform us if their players do not want to be photographed or filmed.  Similarly, we might want to include your details in a report to a newspaper.

Whilst sometimes we may need to use your information because we have a legal obligation to do so, in general, we consider the way we use your information to be as part of our "legitimate interests" in achieving what we were set up to do - to administer hockey.  As such, we are not required to ask for your consent for the above unless we have said otherwise, but you can always get in contact if you don't like what we are doing.

Finally, we might want to use some of the "special information" above, for the "special reasons" above.  This helps us understand if you are well enough to participate in our activities.  It may also help coaches tailor things to suit you better.  Occasionally, we may survey other special information, for example, your colour, or your religious beliefs.  This is part of us trying to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be involved with hockey, no matter what their background is.  In addition, this information may sometimes be required to be passed to England Hockey or to be provided when applying for grants.   We may also want to run background checks on you before you coach for us.  We will ask for your specific consent to use information in the way set out in this paragraph.

In some cases, we might need the information you have given us to make sure we can do what we say we are going to do with your details. Other times, we may not need it, but if we don't have it, we may not be able to provide you with the best possible service. 

Currently, we do not consider that the way we use your information is "marketing".  We may from time to time include information in our emails about our sponsors, but we will not provide your details to them for them to conduct direct marketing. If we ever want to add you to a list for marketing purposes, we will ask for your permission first.  We ask that anyone with access to your information from us does not use it to market to you, for example they should not be sending you information about their hockey magazine, or their hockey shop, unless you have given them your express permission.  If you consider any information you receive from us to be marketing, you can ask at any time that we do not send similar correspondence to you in future.

Separately from the above, you, or your representative, might have given us your information to publish.  For example, on our website.  In this case, where we receive your information for publication, we will ask you, or the person supplying it, to confirm that you consent to its publication

Who else may use your details?

We may send your details to others to help us run our organisation. These are:

  • Anyone you have said you are happy for us to send your details to.
  • To any county, regional or national governing body, including umpire associations: to help us to fulfil our respective functions, and to improve and keep an eye on developments in the sport.
  • Organisations that provide services to us: such computer services, or accountants.
  • Organisations who provide funding: such as Sport England or other grant awarding bodies, or sponsors.
  • Organisations that help us with our supplies: such as companies that help us to deliver things to you.
  • The Government or our regulators: where the law tells us to do so or to help them with any investigations.
  • Police, law enforcement and security services: to help them with any investigation, prevention of crime or matter of national security.
  • None of these organisations are allowed to use the information we give them to market to you unless you give them your permission first.

Are your details safe?

We have put in place lots of security measures to make sure your details don't go missing or get used in a way they shouldn't be.  Did you know that all 'data controllers' based in the European Union and the UK like us are subject to laws that make sure that your personal details are safe? That is why we don't share your personal details to anyone outside of the UK and the European Union unless you have specifically consented.

How long do we keep personal information for?

We collect personal details from you for different reasons and so we might keep it for different lengths of time. For example, we might have to keep it for a long time for legal reasons, but most of the time, we will keep your details for 6 years after you last get in touch with us / stop participating in the club. 

The exception to this is information we think is worth keeping for a historical record, for example a record of our Presidents, and Vice Presidents and historic committee members, photos of games, top goal scorer tables, and similar, which we may want to keep for a long time. You can tell us if you want to be removed from such archives, but depending on what it is for, it may not always be appropriate to remove it immediately.  For example, we may also need to keep information on less pleasant topics, like your disciplinary record, and we may need to keep that to support good administration of hockey whilst you are involved in the game, even if you'd rather forget what happened. 

It is important to make sure that details we hold about you are accurate and up-to-date, so make sure you let us know if anything like your email address or phone number changes. You can normally do this through our online portal or by contacting enquiries@norwichcityhc.co.uk or a member of the Executive Committee.

What are your rights?

Did you know you can ask us to do lots of things with your details?

You can ask us:

  • to tell you how your details are being used;
  • to provide you with a copy of all details we hold on you;
  • to correct some of the details we hold if they are not correct or out of date like your contact details for example;
  • to delete all of the details we hold on you (unless we have a good reason not to!);
  • to stop using your details in a certain way; and
  • to send your details to you or another organisation like any club you play at for example.

Some of the rights may not always apply to the personal details we hold for you as there are sometimes requirements and exemptions attached which means we need to hold on to certain information and other times the rights may not apply at all. 

DON'T FORGET though, if you have told us we can use your information in a certain way and you would like us to stop, you can tell us to stop at any time and, if you think we are sending you marketing messages, you can always tell us to stop. More information about these rights can be found online here https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/.

What happens if we need to change this notice?

Keep an eye out for changes to this notice online. If we make big changes the version date at the bottom of the notice will be updated. Of course, where we are required to do so by law, we will ask for your permission before we change the reason for using your details.

How can you get in touch?

If you have a question or a complaint, you can always get in touch with the Norwich City Hockey Club Executive Committee, and our contact details are on the relevant page of this website.

If you require any further information then please contact us via admin@norwichcityhc.co.uk

Version dated 25 May 2018




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