The following standard membership options can be paid for in one single payment using either a credit or debit card.

Full Members     £110.00    
Student Members (18-U23)     £80.00    
Full Members (Unemployed)     £80.00    
Associate Members     £25.00    
Junior Members (U14-U18)     £75.00    
Family Membership     £224.00    
Full Members for Life     £500.00    
Minis Membership for U8s     £55.00    
Minis Membership for U10s     £70.00    
Minis Membership for U12s     £70.00    

If you are looking to join and become a member of the club part way through a season or not likely to play throughout the duration of this season then please get in touch by emailing membership@norwichcityhc.co.uk so that we can discuss your particular membership requirements.


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