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Youth Hockey


Development Girls Win Summer 7s Trophy
Our development girls played their last competitive games in "development" hockey, next season seeing them moving up the the ladies league as a newly established team making it 5 teams in the ladies section. The girls did a fantastic job and retained their "summer 7s" trophy from the last season, winning all of their 6 matches, scoring 32 goals and conceeding none. Next season the opportunity to play in the summer development 7s will fall to the newly formed development girls team, so a good luck to them next time.

U14 Boys East Tournament 1st Round
The U13 Boys beat Pelicans 3-0 and then unfortunately lost to Peterborough 3-2. 
In the following match Pelicans beat Peterborough 2-0, so all three teams have 3 points in the League, our goal difference being the best! 
The team took the game to Pelicans from the start and an early goal from Felix Broadway got Pelicans rattled. Henry Crane was soon back in their D and produced a thunderous shot, a certain goal that was in fact poked over the line by Oscar Marshall, scuttling towards the goal with masses of enthusiasm. Oliver Cooley had a few good runs up the right wing, but the Pelicans left side defender was a persistent dam to our attempts at any useful cross. Instead the ball up the centre to Felix and his interplay with Oscar produced more threat, but alas no goals. The Norwich defence then had their work cut out for an intense 10 minutes, but solid performances by Sam Rowe, Lewis Gooderham (& his sub James Whitmore) and William Fennell, together with a couple of superb saves from the GK, Alistair Cook maintained our clean sheet. Angus Raffles (captain) and Henry Brock formed the mainstay of central midfield and were the main play-makers, well supported by William Perkin (& his sub Louis Naryan) and Dylan Simmons, whose passing should be commended. Angus Raffles worked his socks off and was rewarded by scoring the 3rd goal ensuring that Pelicans had no way back into the game. It was a well deserved victory and the most pleasing aspect was that the boys played well as a unit. Good dribbling, good passing, good tackles and sporting behaviour. 
Playing on a full pitch was perhaps harder for the boys than they had first thought. Angus Raffles was man-of-the-1st-match for a completely tireless performance and his work ethic was out-standing. He was shattered and requested to be subbed for the start of the following match, the draw meaning that we had back-to-back games. The draw perhaps played against us, since the fresh Peterborough team out-classed us for the first period and in retrospect we sat too deep to produce any threat and were soon 3 goals down, the third of which was an unstoppable fantastic shot, perhaps worthy of a victory. A change in the formation, making us more attacking with a return to the field by Angus, lead to a turn of fortune. Louis, Angus, Oscar and Felix all had good shots on goal. It was extremely pleasing to see that the boys did not let their heads drop for the second half. Indeed the team all turned up a gear and Oscar Marshall (man-of-the-2nd-match) scored 2 goals within 5 minutes of each other to set up a thrilling final few minutes. In was end-to-end stuff and a draw almost looked on the cards, but perhaps would have been flattering to us following our relatively poor first half. The signs are there for us to do well this season, remembering that we have a young squad, who have not played many games together. It was a pleasure to manage the team on Sunday and I look forward to helping them improve throughout the season. The boys almost certainly know what they need to concentrate on, but repetitive feedback may be helpful! 
1. General fitness (I need more of this too!) 
2. Give and Go (Once a pass is made, standing still is rarely useful!) 
3. The quick look up before the hit (Reduces the chance of an embarrassing pass to the opposition, or missing the goal!) 
4. Passing the ball before running into traffic (Saves a lot of hassle!) 
5. Avoid positioning yourself behind the opposition players (the ball won't get to you if you are hidden!) 
6. Remember the 5m rule! 
Finally, many thanks to Frosty for traveling all the way to Kings Lynn to umpire the games.  





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