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Mens 7th XI
East Division 5 North East (North)
Aug26M7 vs
Sep02M7 vs
Sep16M7 vs
Sep23M7 vs
Sep30M7 vs
Oct07M7 vs
Oct14M7 vs
Oct21M7 vs
Oct28M7 vs
Nov04M7 vs
Nov11M7 vs
Nov18M7 vs
Nov25M7 vs
Dec02M7 vs
Dec09M7 vs
Dec16M7 vs
Dec23M7 vs
Dec30M7 vs
Jan06M7 vs
Jan13M7 vs
Jan20M7 vs
Jan27M7 vs
Feb03M7 vs
Feb10M7 vs
Feb17M7 vs
Feb24M7 vs
Mar02M7 vs
Mar09M7 vs
Mar16M7 vs
Mar23M7 vs
Mar30M7 vs
Apr06M7 vs
Apr13M7 vs
Apr20M7 vs

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