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Mens 1st XI
Conference Midlands
Aug19M1 vs Spalding 1AF
Aug26M1 vs Linkebeek 1 ALinkebeek HC17:00F
Aug27M1 vs Vivier D'Oie 1ARoyal Racing HC17:00F
Sep02M1 vs Cambridge City 1AWilberforce Road - Pitch 112:45F
Sep09M1 vs
Sep14M1 vs UEA 1HTaverham - H2O20:00F
Sep17M1 vs Ipswich 1 HTaverham - H2O13:00F
Sep19M1 vs Cambridge University 1HTaverham - H2O19:15F    CANCELLED   
Sep24M1 vs St Albans 1 AOaklands College14:00L
Oct01M1 vs Harleston Magpies 1 HTaverham - H2O14:00L
Oct08M1 vs Stourport 1 AStourport Sports Club13:30L
Oct15M1 vs City of Peterborough 1 ABretton Gate14:00L
Oct22M1 vs Barford Tigers 1 HTaverham - H2O13:00L
Oct29M1 vs City of PeterboroughABretton Gate14:00EH T1 Cup
Nov05M1 vs Banbury 1 HTaverham - H2O13:00L
Nov12M1 vs University of Nottingham 2 ANottingham Hockey Centre14:30L
Nov19M1 vs University of Birmingham 2 HTaverham - H2O13:00L
Nov26M1 vs Bedford 1 ABedford Hockey Club13:30L    POSTPONED   
Dec03M1 vs St Albans 1 HTaverham - H2O13:00L    POSTPONED   
Dec09M1 vs
Dec16M1 vs TeddingtonHTaverham - H2O13:00EH T1 Cup    CANCELLED   
Dec16M1 vs
Dec23M1 vs
Dec30M1 vs
Jan06M1 vs
Jan13M1 vs
Jan14M1 vs Cambridge CityHTaverham - Sand13:00F
Jan20M1 vs
Jan21M1 vs St AlbansHTaverham - H2O13:00L
Jan27M1 vs Bedford 1 ABedford Hockey Centre15:00L
Feb03M1 vs
Feb04M1 vs Harleston Magpies 1AHarleston HC13:30L
Feb10M1 vs Stourport 1 HTaverham - H2O14:00L
Feb18M1 vs City of Peterborough 1HTaverham - H2O13:00L
Feb25M1 vs Barford Tigers 1ABirmingham - Hamstead Hall Academy13:00L
Mar03M1 vs Banbury 1ANorth Oxfordshire Academy14:00L
Mar10M1 vs University of Nottingham 2 HTaverham - H2O13:00L
Mar16M1 vs
Mar17M1 vs University of Birmingham 2AUniversity of Birmingham - Pitch 1 12:30L
Mar24M1 vs Bedford 1 HTaverham - H2O13:00L
Mar30M1 vs
Apr06M1 vs
Apr07M1 vs BeestonANottingham Hockey CentreEH T1 Cup
Apr13M1 vs
Apr20M1 vs
Apr27M1 vs
Apr27M1 vs
May04M1 vs
Jul06M1 vs

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