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Mens 1st XI
East Premier Division
Aug21M1 vs Selection GameHTaverham - H2O10:30F    POSTPONED   
Aug28M1 vs Harleston Magpies 1HTaverham - H2O14:30F
Sep02M1 vs Bury St Edmunds 1 HTaverham - H2O20:00F
Sep04M1 vs Chelmsford 1HTaverham - H2O14:30F
Sep09M1 vs UEA 1 AUEA Sportspark20:30F    CANCELLED   
Sep11M1 vs Spalding 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30F
Sep18M1 vs Blueharts 1AHitchin Cricket Ground15:00L
Sep25M1 vs Chelmsford 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Oct02M1 vs Broxbourne 1ABroxbourne Sports Ground15:00L
Oct09M1 vs City of Peterborough 2HTaverham - H2O14:30L    POSTPONED   
Oct16M1 vs Old Southendian 1 AOld Southendian HC13:30L
Oct23M1 vs
Oct30M1 vs Saffron Walden 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Nov06M1 vs Dereham 1 ADereham HC13:30L
Nov13M1 vs Ipswich East-Suffolk 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Nov20M1 vs Ipswich 1 ATuddenham Road 16:00L
Nov27M1 vs Letchworth 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Dec04M1 vs Cambridge City 2 AWilberforce Road13:30L
Dec11M1 vs Blueharts 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Dec18M1 vs Cambridge South 1 HTaverham - H2O13:00EH CUP    CANCELLED   
Dec25M1 vs
Jan01M1 vs
Jan08M1 vs Cambridge City 2 AWilberforce RoadF
Jan15M1 vs Chelmsford 1 AChelmer Park14:00L
Jan22M1 vs Broxbourne 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Jan29M1 vs City of Peterborough 2 ABretton Gate13:00L
Feb05M1 vs Old Southendian 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Feb12M1 vs Saffron Walden 1 AJoyce Frankland Academy14:00L
Feb19M1 vs East London 1 HTaverham - H2O13:00EH CUP    CANCELLED   
Feb26M1 vs Dereham 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Mar05M1 vs Ipswich East-Suffolk 1 AIpswich School Sports Centre15:00L
Mar12M1 vs Ipswich 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Mar19M1 vs Letchworth 1 ALetchworth HC13:45L
Mar26M1 vs Cambridge City 2 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Apr02M1 vs
Apr09M1 vs
Apr16M1 vs
Apr23M1 vs
Apr30M1 vs
Apr30M1 vs
May07M1 vs
Jul09M1 vs

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