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Youth Hockey


U16B - Dragons U16B (EH U16 Cup) - W 8-1 - George Brine scores 5, I repeat George Brine scores 5
COLTS XI - 09/11/2014 VS DRAGONS U16B (A) 
TEAM: Colts XI 
DATE: 09/11/2014 
FIXTURE: Colts XI VS 09/11/2014 
HEADLINE: George Brine scores 5, I repeat George Brine scores 5 
To start the report lets re-cap…..  
City started this year with the same squad from 2 years ago which travelled all the way to Beeston in the under 14 national finals (well when I say all, we all know who has departed). City started this year against the current league leaders City of Peterborough with City knowing that it was going to be one of the toughest games. City played their very best while keeping ‘discipline’ and recorded a 2-0 win, the next game brought local rivals Magpies and this game was one to forget as City fell down 2-1 in what was a poor and disappointing performance, however in City’s last game a trip to Spalding the normal standard was followed with a 4-0 win, that 4-0 win left City second in the group and thanks to Magpies 2-2 draw with Dragons city knew that if they were to win their next two games, 2nd place would be secure. City face bottom of the league Dereham in February but the most important game was today’s game against a strong and skillful Dragons side. City met up early (too early!) at Dragons Den for pre-match talk before eventually being allowed to enter the pitch and complete a well organised warm up (well done skip). City then got there pre-match exercises going and looked a really strong and well organised team as the game started.  
City started the game with the clubs new formation with Duffy, Ling, Cushion and Hewett along the back, Paterson, Tomlinson and Husband in the midfield and the front three off Brine, Pitcher and Bailey. City started the better and created early chances with Sam Paterson coming close, Sam Paterson then set up the game’s first goal with an excellent through ball to Ross who pushed it past the on rushing goalkeeper to give City an early and deserved 1-0 lead, however soon after some hesitant defending by City saw Dragons left level, after a penalty flick was awarded and scored (R#B, #U#F#). However this didn’t knock City down and soon were back in front thanks to George Brine who volleyed home a cross from Ross Pitcher. 2-1 then became 3-1 when Sam Paterson did some good skill in the box, or has Pies put it ‘Solo Skills’ to push it past the keeper into the goal. George then got his second and City’s 4th as a short corner was well worked, Sam Paterson drag flicked and George glanced home on the post. City still weren’t finished and scored a fifth when Will Kidner drove towards the goal and passed towards George Brine who took his time and was composed as he smashed home a low shot into the corner for hit hatrick (behave George), 5-1 at half time, yes 5-1!! It could have been had someone not missed from 2 yards.  
At half time Pies was very happy with the way the team where playing against a good Dragons side, however he wanted more off the same after the break and that was what he got! Within 5 minutes off the restart George Brine scored again (I know what is happening), anyway this one was actually a really good goal as he fired a reverse stick shot high and off the crossbar into the goal. 6-1 now to City. Dragons then had a chance to score when a poor pass across the pitch from (let’s not mention his name) however Dragons couldn’t capitalise and it remained 6-1. George then scored a 5th, (this is getting crazy now) as he turned and fired a low shot pass the keeper. In the final 15 minuets the game became more open and Dragons were more of a threat towards goal with Jake Aisthorpe having to make some good saves in the city, despite Dragons becoming more threating, it was City who were the ones who were scoring today and Jake Cushion capped off a good performance as he finished the scoring with a reverse stick strike from the top of the D. Full Time: 8-1, what a performance! 
To update then, Magpies are the only team who can now catch City, Magpies have 7 points meanwhile City have 9, plus a +14 goal difference so as long as City avoid defeat to Dereham there place in the regional finals should be secure. So too finish the awards…… 
MOTM – Between to players, first Jake Cushion who played really well in midfield as he passed it well and did some great skill, plus got on the score sheet but it has to go George Brine who managed to score 5 goals (let’s be honest it doesn’t happen too often, especially George), well done George, that was hard to say that….. 
Now for the TYFC award, and the contenders are; Josh Bailey for the simplest of things ‘lateness!’, Rob Duffy who committed the earlier offense in this report or even Tom Ling for his excellent pass across the pitch but it has to be Ross Pitcher (read the last line of Paragraph 2). 
MOTM award – George Brine 
TYFC award – Ross Pitcher 
‘I forgot my towel and was going to use my shirt as a towel award’ – Harry Ingham (Silly boy) :) 
RESULT: W 8-1 
SCORERS: Ross Pitcher,George Brine,George Brine,George Brine,George Brine,Jake Cushion,Sam Paterson,George Brine 
POTM: George Brine

U16B - Spalding U16B (EH U16 Cup) - W 4-0 - City U16 Boys Flourish in the Fens
COLTS XI - 19/10/2014 VS SPALDING U16B (A) 
TEAM: Colts XI 
DATE: 19/10/2014 
FIXTURE: Colts XI VS 19/10/2014 
HEADLINE: City U16 Boys Flourish in the Fens 
LEAGUE: Boys U16 Cup 
VENUE: Surfleet 
RESULT: 4-0 Win 
The City U16s and parents turned up bright and early at the Spalding Ground looking forward to their bacon butties and coffee, only to find the portakabins locked up and the nearest coffee some 15 minutes away across the Fens. Neverthess City warmed up well, with the boys firing rocket shots at new keeper, Jake Aisthorpe, who was in superb form swatting away the exocets as if they were flies. 
Spalding started quickly and our defensive line of Tom Ling, Harry Ingham, Rob Duffy and Will Kidner realised they had to be sharp to hold off the quick attacking force against them. However, after five minutes, City started to get more possession and Josh Bailey opened the scoring with a sharp finish after good work by Sam Tomlinson down the right. 
City remained the stronger for the rest of the half, but occasional poor decision-making and a lack of shape meant that it was a nervy lead, and in fact keeper Jake had been forced to made a couple of excellent saves to keep City 1-0 up. At half-time the message to the Boys was to have more discipline around the structure, get the wings out wider and move the ball more quickly. 
It certainly worked, with City getting much more of the possession and attacking relentlessly. Meanwhile our defensive line was strengthened by bringing our magnificent utility player, Jake Cushion, in to Right Half to ensure that our 16s were used constructively. Josh Bailey doubled the lead at a short corner, deflecting in a Ross Pitcher strike at goal. Almost immediately, Spalding’s heads dropped and they started resorting to long ball hockey, much to the delight of our strong central triangle of Ali Husband, Sam Paterson and Sam Tomlinson, who were now able to dominate the midfield and orchestrate attack after attack. The next goal came after good work down the left, with the ball fired across the goal and George Brine tucking the ball home with a well taken volley. Finally, after a Miles Doncaster shot was brilliantly saved by the Spalding Keeper, Ross Pitcher reacted swiftly to lift the ball in. 
So after a nervy first half, City eventually won comfortably to head towards the top of the table. It is always good to win when you know you are still at about 75% of your best! And so the City caravan wound its way back home, with the sole remaining challenge for the coach being to keep Brine junior out of the four Golden Arches passed on the long journey back to the highlands of Norwich. 
Man of the Match was evenly balanced with several players deservedly getting a vote, but the winner was James Hewett who had made some excellent runs up the left hand side and put himself on the line to stop the Spalding attacks. 
RESULT: W 4-0 
SCORERS: Josh Bailey,Ross Pitcher,Josh Bailey,George Brine 
POTM: James Hewett

U16B - Peterborough U16B (U16 Boys Cup) - W 2-0 - Discipline was good
TEAM: Colts XI 
DATE: 21/09/2014 
FIXTURE: Colts XI VS 21/09/2014 
HEADLINE: Discipline was good 
LEAGUE: England Hockey Under 16 Championship 
VENUE: Taverham Recreation Facilities  
RESULT: Norwich City (U16) 2-0 City Of Peterborough (U16) 
As City’s boys arrived for their first game of the new under 16 campaign, a sense of excitement with expectation after the National final success only 2 years ago. A massive squad of 15 was selected sadly without newly appointment captain Sam Tomlinson, who we all wish a speedy recovery from a bad ankle. Please note the COP stands for City of Peterborough I mean can’t we play a team with a shorter name! City knew that there first game was mostly likely to be there toughest, as opponents COP where a very strong side, so Norwich had to be at their best to compete and pick a result they knew they could get if they played well with discipline. – Make note of this word DISCIPLINE as I am sure that I will mention it more through the two reports. As both teams lined up and were ready to go, City’s new formation seemed to be almost identical from there opponents on the opposite side of the field, so both teams where to set up the same way so basically it was who was the best trained or the most DISCIPLINED. Both teams started well with a lot of hard work pressing the ball down with mistakes being made on either side, although the possession was even City were creating chances and winning short corners and it wasn’t too long before City made there pressure count as Ross Pitcher drag-flicked a perfect shot into the top corner, 1-0 to city. After this COP settled down and started to come back in the game and started to create chances but the defence of Rob Duffy, Tom Ling, Alfie Cooper, Harry Ingham and James Hewett kept COP at bay until half-time. In the second half Sam Paterson, Ross Pitcher, Ali Husband and especially Jake Cushion, worked hard, kept DISCIPLINE and ran the midfield as COP pushed for an equaliser. COP did win short corners and created chances but Will Kidner the class keeper he is never looked in danger and as COP pushed for a goal, Norwich counted and scored a 2nd, as a great aerial ball from Ross Pitcher put Joe Flatt through who helped up the ball before passing it to Josh Bailey who smashed home. After the 2nd goal city kept calm and saw out the game to pick up an excellent 2-0 win against a strong COP side, an excellent team performance filled up with DISCIPLINE to secure a 2-0 win in the first game. 
RESULT: W 2-0 
SCORERS: Ross Pitcher,Josh Bailey 
POTM: Jake Cushion

U16B - Magpies U16B (U16 Boys Cup) - L 1-2 - Discipline was not so good
COLTS XI - 21/09/2014 VS MAGPIES U16B (H) 
TEAM: Colts XI 
DATE: 21/09/2014 
FIXTURE: Colts XI VS 21/09/2014 
HEADLINE: Discipline was not so good 
LEAGUE: England Hockey Under 16 Championship  
VENUE: Taverham Recreation Facilities  
RESULT: Norwich City (U16) 1-2 Harleston Magpies (U16) 
Game number 2 off the day as City hosted local rivals Harleston Magpies and City knew another win in this game and they would pick up maximum points from the day and have a great start to the new campaign. City were confident after their previous performance against Peterborough but sadly it just wasn’t to be. The game yet again started even, with the Harleston forwards proving a threat going forward as did City’s. Norwich yet again created early chances but none were converted this time and City were made to pay. Magpies scored a counter attack goal to give them the lead and they saw that out until half-time. Half time team talk, you could have a guess what was said….. NO DISCIPLINE! The crowd, Pies and the injured captain demanded some improvement in the second half and City did improve, after Harleston scored a 2nd goal to win the game :( Even going 2-0 the improvement was there and City created numerous chances and did eventually score as Sam Paterson drag-flicked low into the corner, 2-1 and City had belief. With DISCIPLINE gone as City pushed and pushed for an equaliser which sadly just never came and City went down 2-1. Overall a good opening day for City’s under 16s, however one 1st half against Magpies was simply not up to the standard and that was why a defeat was on the scorecard. Anyway City move and focus on winning the next game as they face an excellent away trip at Spalding, team mini bus?  
RESULT: L 1-2 
SCORERS: Sam Paterson 
POTM: Sam Paterson

U16B - Harleston Magpies (EHB U16B R4) - W 7-2 - U16 Boys Finish Strongly with Convincing Win Over Magpies
TEAM: U16 Boys XI 
DATE: 09/02/2014 
FIXTURE: U16 Boys XI VS Harleston Magpies U16 XI 
HEADLINE: U16 Boys Finish Strongly with Convincing Win Over Magpies 
LEAGUE: U16 Cup 
VENUE: Taverham 
RESULT: WON 7 - 2 
On a cold windy day at Taverham, the U16 Boys came together for the final win of their Cup Campaign, knowing that they couldn’t qualify but that a win against Magpies would keep them above local rivals Magpies and Pelicans in the East Anglia table. 
Despite the fact that one of our squad had arrived promptly at the meet time at an empty Magpies ground (!), City started strongly, with Ross Pitcher scoring twice in the first ten minutes from well taken short corners. City continued to stay on top, and the rare Magpies counterattacks were snuffed out by our defence of Fred Anthony, Sam Kenny, Ali Husband, Tom Ling, Tom Watling and, freshly arrived from his tour of Norfolk, Will Kidner. 
City continued to win the battle in midfield, with Jonty and Ethan Marchant battling doggedly for the ball. The third was sure to come and midway through the first half a good ball through from Sam Tomlinson was well controlled and dispatched by Miles Doncaster. This was followed up by a great pass by Jonty which split the Magpies defence for George Brine to coolly slot past the keeper. 
4-0 up at half-time, but City hadn’t yet kicked into third gear - we were going for too many long balls and not using the flanks. The second half was much, much better, and yet it was Magpies who came back, with Norwich guilty of giving the Magpies Captain a bit too much respect and room as he danced through our defence twice to score. The bench started getting a little nervous and instructions were passed to the field to keep the focus, the shape, the passing and the faith! 
Sure enough the plan worked, and Norwich came back, dominating the last quarter. First of all Ross at top diamond moved the ball right to Sam Paterson who beat the first defender and hit a reverse stick shot to nutmeg the keeper. Sam then won a succession of short corners, one of which was dispatched with aplomb by skipper Ethan Marchant, who was delighted to be allowed a rare escape from his GCSE revision. And then finally Ali Husband, on a long distance trip from his centre back position, dribbled the ball along the Magpies byeline before lifting the ball across the goal for Miles to volley his second. 
And so with Norwich in the ascendancy, the match ended at 7-2 and Norwich ended their campaign in mid-table respectability. We knew qualification was going to be pretty much impossible for such a young team in a very difficult group, but with only two players not eligible for next season’s u16 Cup, this has been great preparation. 
Man of the Match voting was very close with the whole team playing well and both Ethan and Sam scoring highly. But the winner is Ali Husband for marshalling the defence, tackling well and making his presence known all over the pitch. 
RESULT: W 7-2 
SCORERS: Ross Pitcher,Ross Pitcher,Miles Doncaster,George Brine,Sam Paterson,Ethan Marchant,Miles Doncaster 
POTM: Alistair Husband

U16B - Peterborough (EHB U16B R3) - L 1-7 - Warning: The Scoreline does not Reflect Reality!
U16 BOYS XI - 24/11/2013 VS PETERBOROUGH (A) 
TEAM: U16 Boys XI 
DATE: 24/11/2013 
FIXTURE: U16 Boys XI VS 24/11/2013 
HEADLINE: Warning: The Scoreline does not Reflect Reality! 
LEAGUE: U16 Boys Cup 
VENUE: City of Peterborough 
RESULT: Lost 7-1 
In all my many years of hockey, I am not sure I have ever seen a match where the score has so not reflected the balance of the match! To be fair to City of Peterborough they finished their chances much better than we did and so deserved a win. However, this was a very even and high quality game, in which Norwich has several periods when they were the better team. So how did we end up on the wrong end of a 7-1 scoreline? Let’s start at the beginning… 
Norwich’s U16 Boys turned up at a damp, grey City of Peterborough ground with some trepidation. A couple of our players carried knocks including the brave Alex Fisher who had come all the way to Peterborough with one good leg, following a strong Dereham challenge the day before. Combined with a late withdrawal, this left us with only 11.5 players to play a strong City of Peterborough team which was unbeaten in the Cup and had defeated the very impressive Cambridge City.  
City started the stronger and for 15 minutes the match was goalless with good hockey on both sides. First blow was to City of Peterbrough who won a short corner. Whilst City were still organising themselves, CoP were allowed to inject the ball and shoot unopposed for a 1-0 lead. City bounced back quickly winning a short corner themselves, which Ross Pitcher duly dispatched with a thumping hit against the backboard to level the scores. 
City were now beginning to win the midfield battle and it was then that the big turning point of the game happened. City attacked the CoP goal at speed, the ball was slipped through to Jonty at the top of the D and his majestic slaphit beat the stranded keeper before being saved by an obvious foot on the line. Sadly for us, the only two people not to see it were the two umpires and nothing was given. CoP broke quickly and scored, making it 2-1 to them, rather than a City lead. The game continued to ebb and flow and Peterborough nicked a third before the break. 
The second half continued in a similar pattern. The game surged back and forth and, without a substitute, our midfield and forwards put in a massive shift, chasing everything down with determination and speed. Skipper Ethan Marchant and Jonty were bossing the middle of the park, the two Sams (Paterson and Tomlinson) were causing trouble dribbling down the flanks and Ross and George Brine were chasing everything down up front. However somehow our chances just did not get over the goal-line: Ross beat two players before hitting the inside of the post, Jonty missed two short corners by a whisker and the CoP goalkeeper made some excellent last ditch saves.  
At the other end it was a different story. Our defensive line of Fred Anthony, Will Kidner, Tom Ling and Ali Husband, supported by Alex’s good leg, tackled as if their lives depended upon it and our open play defending was good. However, we were vulnerable at short corners and, during the half, City of Peterborough scored four identikit short corners out of five, including one on the final whistle. Each time the first shot was saved well by Tom Watling in goal but CoP reacted quicker to the breakdown and scored with either their second or third attempts on goal.  
And so it ended 7-1, much to the bemusement of all involved. Nevertheless the story is much more positive than that. The boys played well against a strong team, and showed much character and backbone in doing so. The effort put in by the team and some of the skill and passing was a joy to behold and made the parents and coach proud. 
Fittingly just about the whole team won votes in the MOTM process in what was surely the ultimate team effort. The winner was Ali Husband who showed typical dynamism both in defence and surging forward with the ball, although special mention has to go to Ethan Marchant for some wondrous karaoke which kept the team bus "entertained" on the way back.  
RESULT: L 1-7 
SCORERS: Ross Pitcher 
POTM: Alistair Husband

City U16s go out fighting in Indoors Tournament
Last Sunday the UEA Sportspark was the venue for the first U16 Norfolk Clubs Tournament, with Norwich City, Dragons and Magpies competing for the title. The Event was organised at short notice, with the aim of finding a winner to go through to represent Norfolk at the Regions. From a City perspective, this was about gaining experience and having fun – although three of our boys play indoor regularly at school, we had little experience in the squad and hadn’t had the chance to practice as a team before the event. 
Our first game was against Magpies. City started well, going 1-0 up through a well-taken goal by Ross Pitcher. However, it wasn’t long before Magpies came back, aided perhaps by the inexperience of the City team as we got used to the game and the rules. Soon Magpies were scoring at a quick rate, despite the bravery of Fred Anthony in goal and some excellent defending from Alex Fisher. City hit back three times, with good goals from Ross, skipper Ethan Marchant and Sam Paterson but sadly it wasn’t enough. The final scoreline of 10-4 did not reflect what was actually a fairly balanced game! 
Following Dragons exciting but narrow win against Magpies, City could still win the overall competition if they beat Dragons in the final game by a good margin. Again City scored first through Ethan Marchant before Dragons equalised through a rocket-like short-corner. The pattern for the game was set, with first one team going ahead, and then the other. Sam P and Ross were dominating the play and muscling their way through tackles and Sam Tomlinson was quickly getting to grips with indoor and using his pace and ball skills to run at the defence. Meanwhile George Brine was chasing down opponents with speed and determination and Alex Fisher and Ethan Marchant were like brick walls defensively. 
However, in the end, despite City’s dominance, it came down to set plays. Both teams had about eight short corners: Dragons converted a fantastic seven of these corners (all of them absolutely unstoppable it has to be said) whilst City scored a miserly one. The final score, a 9-6 win to Dragons would have been a City win had we been able to convert at a similar rate. And that comes down to one thing: practice. For the record, the scorers of the remaining City goals were (I think) Sam P 2, George, Sam T 2. 
This was a great taster of indoor hockey for both boys and parents alike. We loved it and would like to do it again!  
The Squad: Fred Anthony (GK), Ethan Marchant (Captain), Alex Fisher, Ross Pitcher, George Brine, Sam Tomlinson, Sam Paterson 
Al Paterson

U16B - Bury St Edmunds (EHB U16B R2) - L 4-7 - Norwich City U16 Boys Lose out in Goal Bonanza!
TEAM: Boys U16s 
DATE: 10/11/2013 
FIXTURE: Norwich City U16 Boys vs Bury St Edmunds U16 Boys 
VENUE: Taverham 
RESULT: Lost 4-7 
HEADLINE: Norwich City U16 Boys Lose out in Goal Bonanza! 
Our very young U16 Boys team hosted Bury on Sunday, giving away a year per player to a Bury team who have National Finals aspirations. It is credit to the City Boys’ performance that we look back at the game disappointed that we didn’t win! 
The match started at a quick pace with both teams attacking strongly. After six minutes Ross Pitcher put City ahead at a short corner, with a hard shot that was deflected in by a Bury stick. 1-0 to City and Bury realised they were in for a game! Bury came back hard and City were a little guilty of not clearing the ball strongly enough and giving too much possession away. Bury scored three times in 15 minutes, to take them into a 3-1 lead, before Ethan Marchant slammed a short corner home to make it 3-2 at the break. 
The coaches needed to galvanise the team at half time, pointing out that if we played anywhere near our best we would have been winning rather than losing. City listened and came out better in the second half. Sam Tomlinson did some good work on the left side of the D before smashing the ball across the D where Ross skilfully controlled the ball and banged it home. Back level! Sadly it didn’t last and some sloppy defending let Bury ahead again after three minutes.  
With both teams tiring, the game opened up and both teams got more space. City continued to defend manfully with Fred Anthony, Sam Kenny and Will Kidner all making crucial tackles in our own D to stop Bury scoring. Tom Watling in goal made some excellent saves which made the next goal particularly cruel. Bury, attacking out of the setting sun, hit the ball hard into the D. Tom left the ball, not realising that a Bury attacker had got the slightest deflection on it inside the D, and it was a goal, much to Tom’s bemusement. City hit back, scoring courtesy of Sam Paterson who poked the ball home with his reverse stick to make it 5-4 with 20 minutes to go. 
Could a City revival be on the cards? Sadly not – a telegraphed City sixteen yard pass across goal was intercepted by the Bury forward to make it 6-3, before they added another for a one-sided 7-4 scoreline that didn’t reflect the balance of play. 
On the plus side, we gave a good game to a Bury team who are significantly older than our Boys and have some very good players, and at times we played some very good hockey. However, we really could have won this match if we had stuck to our game plan, used our heads and made the right decisions at the right time. Man of the Match was elder statesman, Ethan Marchant, who played a gutsy game in midfield, diving all over the place to stop the opposition. 
RESULT: L 4-7 
SCORERS: Ross Pitcher,Ethan Marchant,Ross Pitcher,Sam Paterson 
POTM: Ethan Marchant

U16B - Cambridge City (EHB U16B R1) - L 0-12 - U16 Cup – Part 2: A bridge too far!
DATE: 20/10/2013 
FIXTURE: U16 Boys Vs Cambridge City 
LEAGUE: U16 Cup 
VENUE: Pelicans 
RESULT: Lost 12-0 
HEADLINE:U16 Cup – Part 2: A bridge too far! 
Before we judge the game solely on the scoreline, let’s consider the context. Cambridge City has an impressive line-up. Only two of their squad was under 15, compared to nine of Norwich City's, the average age of their squad is about 15 months older than ours and physically their team was markedly bigger than ours. On top of this, the Cambridge squad is filled with JRPC, HiPac and national players. That, in itself, made the match a mountainous task. Then consider the fact that our boys had just finished a very hard-fought battle against Pelicans and the Cambridge City boys were fresh, this being their first game of the day. And finally, in about the third minute of the game, our dynamic Centre Back Ali Husband got struck on the ankle and could play no further part in the match.  
Inevitably, this match was backs against the wall stuff from the first minute to the last. City fought valiantly, with Tom Watling in goal flinging himself all over the place and Skipper Ethan Marchant leading by example making some crunching tackles in the middle of defence. Sam Kenny, Fred Anthony and Will Kidner defended manfully despite being outgunned by some top quality opposition, and our midfield and forwards ran themselves into the ground trying to repel the opposition. Cambridge scored 12 against us, and although we forced their keeper into a couple of saves and won a couple of short corners, we remained goalless. 
Nevertheless, today was a good day for City with a win and a loss and some good experience for a team that is very young for the competition, and the boys should be proud of the resilience and effort they showed in what was a very, very difficult game. Man of the Match goes to Tom Watling in goal, who pulled off some great saves. 
RESULT: L 0-12 
POTM: Tom Watling

U16B - Pelicans (EHB U16B R1) - W 7-2 - U16 Cup – Part 1: Fabulous Win for our Boys
DATE: 20/10/2013 
FIXTURE: U16 Boys Vs Pelicans 
LEAGUE: U16 Cup 
VENUE: Pelicans 
RESULT: Won 7-2 
HEADLINE: U16 Cup – Part 1: Fabulous Win for our Boys 
Norwich City travelled to Kings Lynn to play matches against Pelicans and Cambridge City in the League stage of the U16 Cup. Despite the success of the U14 Boys in reaching the National Finals last year, our expectations were limited as we have a very young side– all but 5 of our squad are still only 14 years old! 
Our first game was against Pelicans who, on paper at least, had to be the favourites. The game started with a high tempo, both teams playing a fast passing game and the City midfield of Ross, Sam P, Jonty and Sam H working very hard. It was Norwich who broke the deadlock, with Henry dribbling skilfully round the back of the Pelicans defence and, as the goalie moved off his line anticipating the drag back, coolly slotting the ball home. City continued to attack, winning a short corner. Ross Pitcher struck the ball well at the goal and only a Pelicans foot could prevent it going in. Ross stepped up for the flick and slotted the ball home with aplomb. 2-0!  
The game continued at pace with Pelicans winning a short corner and reducing the deficit with a dragflick past the despairing Tom Watling in goal to make it 2-1, before Sam Paterson restored the two goal buffer, dribbling into the D, riding a couple of stick tackles and slotting home. 
So 3-1 up at half-time and you think the coaches would have been happy. Not a bit of it! Whilst we had fought well for the ball, we were guilty of not passing early enough and trying too much showboating . The boys listened and the second half was a thing of beauty! Jonty, playing majestically at the bottom of the diamond, threaded a lovely pass through to put Sam Tomlinson through for 4-1.  
Pelicans got one back when Will Means scored a good solo goal to make it 4-2 and after that it was all City. Ross won the ball in midfield, passed the ball to George Brine who laid the ball off to Sam T for his second. Next George beat two players before setting up Sam P who also scored his second and a 6-2 lead, and then finally George scored a lovely reverse stick goal to round off an excellent 7-2 win. 
The boys had really put everything into this game against good opposition and all of them had earned the well-deserved praise from the coaches at the end. The only downside was whether the boys had enough left in them to play the exceptionally strong Cambridge Squad half an hour later.  
Man of the Match is awarded to George Brine who chased and harried the Pelicans defence throughout, as well as showing some lovely skill and unselfish play. 
RESULT: W 7-2 
SCORERS: Own Goal,Ross Pitcher,Sam Paterson,Sam Tomlinson,Sam Tomlinson,Sam Paterson,George Brine 
POTM: George Brine





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