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Youth Hockey


U14B - Saffron Walden U14 (U14 T1 R1) - W 8-0 - Supportive win
COLTS XI - 17/11/2019 VS SAFFRON WALDEN U14 (H) 
TEAM: Colts XI 
DATE: 17/11/2019 
FIXTURE: Colts XI VS 17/11/2019 
HEADLINE: Supportive win 
LEAGUE: Cup Tournament  
RESULT: Win 8-0 
Just a quick note today on the performance this afternoon which at 8-0 we have to celebrate coming as it did through teamwork, sheer graft and good decision making.  
The scorers had plenty of opportunities to finish and with composure made it, mostly, look easy. Given the supply and creativity of the team we had chances aplenty and, mostly, passed well to stick or thoughtfully into space. Our resilient defence put in a shift showing great courage when the dominance of our midfield area faltered, if it ever did. And finally, well, a clean sheet is always to be treasured.  
Well done particularly to the younger players who lifted their games and proved their worth in this team by demonstrating their potential. To see them play so well, looking like it was their inalienable right to play on this pitch and in this team was the highest accolade we could ask for and I hope we squared our objectives away as coaches in this regard. 
The key to unlocking further success in this tournament will come in the next 6 weeks by continuing to play and enjoy the sort of hockey that we played today. Let’s not take anything for granted, back to the coal face on Tuesday! 
RESULT: W 8-0 
SCORERS: Harvey Nkrumah,Corey Rushton,Harvey Nkrumah,Matthew Roy,Max Wilson,Harvey Nkrumah,Corey Rushton,Harvey Nkrumah 
POTM: Krishna Patel

U14G - Ipswich & ES U14 (U14G T2 R2) - L 0-1 - So close and yet so far
FILLIES XI - 17/11/2019 VS IPSWICH & ES U14 (A) 
TEAM: Fillies XI 
DATE: 17/11/2019 
FIXTURE: Fillies XI VS 17/11/2019 
HEADLINE: So close and yet so far 
VENUE: IESHC, Rushmere Hockey Centre  
RESULT: Lost 0-1 
REPORT: The U14 Cup Team travelled down to Ipswich for a horribly early start, accompanied by a plethora of supporters and chauffers for the second game in their cup run. In fact, we travelled with so many vociferous supporters that our applauding and cheering drowned out any supposed home team advantage. Good job guys! 
On the pitch, we fielded a young, but exciting squad, who have all experienced playing in either Regional or National Finals at some stage and it showed, against an older, faster and more experienced squad. At no stage were the girls overawed or made to look second best. Once they got into the flow of the game they realised that they needed to defend and support each other if they were to still be in the reckoning at the end of the match. This tenacious spirit was best summed up by Emily, Rosie and Lucy in midfield, who put in tackle after tackle and ran their opposite number down, wherever they tried to hide. This never say die attitude was soon picked up by all the girls as they hunted in small packs to stop the faster IES girls. Behind the girls in goal, stood a resolute Sophia, who appeared to be re-enacting Gandalfs famous "they shall not pass" moment as she made save after save, with early decision making, good movement and strong ground work. Enough to earn her POTM.  
With 15 minutes left Alice managed to get an early shot off that pinged against the left hand post of a wrong footed IES keeper, then promptly span along the goal line and back into open play. Unfortunately our raucous cheering drowned out the umpires calling of "play on" and we had to accept that the game still stood at 0-0. A hard-luck moment reinforced by IES squeezing a topped shot in at the far post, minutes later. The fight was now on and with just 5 minutes remaining Rosie and Grace managed to combine twice to create two breakaway chances for our front line, but they just wouldn't go in. 
A sad result, for one of the most tenacious efforts that I have had the pleasure to see as a junior coach. Well done girls. 
RESULT: L 0-1 
POTM: Sophia Colman

U14B - Ipswich & ES (EH U14B T1 Reg) - W 4-0 - City start regionals with with win
COLTS XI - 24/03/2019 VS IPSWICH & ES (H) 
TEAM: Colts XI 
DATE: 24/03/2019 
FIXTURE: Colts XI VS 24/03/2019 
HEADLINE: City start regionals with with win 
LEAGUE: Under 14 boys tier 1 Cup Regional 
VENUE: Taverham 
RESULT:4-0 win 
REPORT: Norwich started strongly against Ipswich and East Suffolk with Max Wilson and Freddie Smith causing havoc down the right hand side. They controlled the match through the passing ability of Sam Hyatt and James Cross but could not convert their early chances. Ipswich showed some threat on the break but it was tough for them as they had so little of the ball. Norwich took the lead just before halftime with a well struck Sam Hyatt shot from a short corner. 
Norwich continued to dominate after half time and extended the lead shortly after half time when Toby Pallister tapped in a James Cross strike. Ollie Miller added the third having taken up a great position at the far post and Henry Baker concluded the scoring with a powerful backhand shot. A good confidence building win.  
RESULT: W 4-0 
SCORERS: Jason Hyatt,Toby Pallister,Oliver Millett,Henry Baker 
POTM: Sam Hyatt

U14B - Bromley & Beckenham (EH U14B T1 Reg) - W 2-1 - Max Inspires City Win
TEAM: Colts XI 
DATE: 24/03/2019 
FIXTURE: Colts XI VS 24/03/2019 
HEADLINE: Max Inspires City Win 
LEAGUE: National Cop Regional Finals 
VENUE: Taverham 
RESULT:2-1 win 
REPORT: In there second pool game against a Bromley and Beckenham the Norwich City under 14s took. The Norwich forwards of Max Marcus O'Sullivan, Jack Whitlam, Duncan Mallett and Ollie Millett pressed the Bromley defense hard all game. Their work and this pressure lead to Max Wilson intercepting a Bromley and Beckham 16 before driving into the D and calmly slipping the ball past the on-rushing keeper. 
City continued to dominate the game through the midfield work of Tom Ellis, Freddie Smith, James Cross and Henry Baker. They stretched their lead when Toby Pallister defected a James Cross shot/cross into the goal and could have sealed the match if the combination of keeper and post had not come to Bromley and Beckham's rescue following shots from James Cross, Marcus O'Sullivan and Toby Pallister.  
Bromley and Beckham scored through a short with under 5 minutes to go and then won a short corner with the final attack of the game. They moved the short corner right and fired at the goal. Sam Hyatt blocked the shot defecting the ball over the top of the goal. A draw v Sevenoaks would be enough to gain qualification to the National Finals. 
RESULT: W 2-1 
SCORERS: Max Wilson,Toby Pallister 
POTM: Max Wilson

U14B - Sevenoaks (EH U14B T1 Reg) - W 2-1 - NCHC under 14 Boys seal win to Nationals
COLTS XI - 24/03/2019 VS SEVENOAKS (H) 
TEAM: Colts XI 
DATE: 24/03/2019 
FIXTURE: Colts XI VS 24/03/2019 
HEADLINE: NCHC under 14 Boys seal win to Nationals 
LEAGUE: National Cup 
VENUE: Taverham 
RESULT:2-1 win 
REPORT: Sevenoaks had won all their qualifying group fixtures and were expected to be the toughest opponents that the Norwich City under 14s would face in there regional finals. Despite the fact that Norwich only needed a draw to qualify for the national finals and Sevenoaks required a win it was Norwich who started the fastest creating a couple of early chances before taking the lead through a short corner. Toby Pallister beat a couple of players at the top of the D before clipping a backhand shot past the keeper for Henry Baker to tap in.  
Although Sevenoaks did pose a threat down the flanks Archie Ward, Krishan Patel, Cameron Hansell and Farren Miller prevented them from creating an real chances. Norwich through Max Wilson, Ollie Millett and Jack Whitlam continued to threaten. Norwich extended their lead through a well struck Sam Hyatt short corner.  
Sevenaoks now chasing the game pulled one back with a couple of minutes to go and might have equalized if Will Farrow in the City goal had not pulled off an incredible stick save.  
The City boys are now looking forward to playing the other top sides in the country at Reading Hockey Club on the 11th May.  
RESULT: W 2-1 
SCORERS: Henry Baker,Sam Hyatt 
POTM: Toby Pallister

U14B - Saffron Walden U14 (EH U14B) - W 6-0 - City Boys win comfortably
COLTS XI - 27/01/2019 VS SAFFRON WALDEN U14 (H) 
TEAM: Colts XI 
DATE: 27/01/2019 
FIXTURE: Colts XI VS 27/01/2019 
HEADLINE: City Boys win comfortably 
LEAGUE: Tier 1 Under 14 Boys Cup 
VENUE: Taverham 
REPORT: Norwich City's under 14 cup team produced another dominant display to virtually guarantee winning their cup group. Norwich started well moving the ball around the pitch with great pace. They took the lead through a reverse stick shot from Marcus O'Sullivan; the lead was stretched first through a James Cross drag flick and then a solo dribble and reverse stick shot from Toby Pallister. Norwich could have extended their lead when Henry Baker's was fouled in front of goal following a driving run. The resulting penalty flick rebounded off the cross bar. Minutes later Henry smashed a powerful openside shot into the corner of the goal only for it to be ruled out by the umpires. 
The second half did not provide any let up for Saffron. Any attacks were snuffed out by Archie Ward, Farren Miller and Sam Hancock. Sam Hyatt and Krishna Patel passing ability exposed weakness in the Saffron Defence; Max Wilson and Ollie Millett's pace kept causing constant problems for them; The dynamic Freddie Smith never allowing Saffron midfield to settle; second half goals came for both Duncan Mallett (2) and Jack Whitlam. All in all a quiet game for Seb Kimber in goal!  
RESULT: W 6-0 
SCORERS: Marcus O'Sullivan,James Cross,Jim Pallister,Duncan Mallett,Jack Whitlam,Duncan Mallett 
POTM: Toby Pallister





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