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U18B - Cambridge City U18 (EH U18B T1 T2 T) - W 3-2 - Awesome win for City U18 Boys against Cambridge City
COLTS XI - 04/11/2018 VS CAMBRIDGE CITY U18 (A) 
TEAM: Colts XI 
DATE: 04/11/2018 
FIXTURE: Colts XI VS 04/11/2018 
HEADLINE: Awesome win for City U18 Boys against Cambridge City 
LEAGUE: U18 Boys Cup 
VENUE: Cambridge City 
RESULT: Won 3 - 2 
Norwich City u18 Boys played brilliantly in beating Cambridge u18s 3-2 in an entertaining and high quality game in the England Hockey Competition yesterday. 
City’s u18 Boys travelled to Cambridge on Sunday primed for a really competitive match against premier opposition. The game started at breakneck speed, with City quickly taking the ascendancy as the midfield of Dan Phillips, Harry Paterson and Cameron Cooke began to dominate. Cambridge were quickly penned into their own half but remained a danger through smashing long balls forward for their speedy forwards to run onto. It was City who carved out the initial chances with forwards Ben Withers, Ben Chapman and Ross Butler in irrepressible form. Withers came close with a thunderous shot, before Butler’s lob beat the keeper but unfortunately also the bar. Despite some great efforts from the Cambridge keeper, a City goal was coming and it was to be Cameron Cooke who made the most of a bobbling ball in the D and smashed it home. Butler then made it two when he patiently waited for the ball to come under control before slotting it home. It was not all one way traffic and defenders Harry Bassett, Alex Merron, Tom Bailey and George Harrad had to be very alert to snuff out the Cambridge breaks. 
2-0 up at half-time, City were very much in the driving seat. Coaches Al Paterson and Tom Cooke urged the boys to keep up the work rate, to move the ball earlier and to keep up the marking in defence. With new boys Willem Wibaut and Gautham Narayanan providing much needed fresh legs, City continued to press hard and created several changes before scoring a third. This time, Cameron Cooke smashed a ball from the right into the D. Harry Paterson deflected the ball with great skill but was denied by the post and Butler was first to react to net the rebound. At this point City should have been home and dried. All credit to Cambridge who kept going, with keeper Ben Nkrumah having to make several smart saves. At 3-0 up with 10 minutes to go, City were surely in the clear, when Cambridge managed to score twice in quick succession through rapid breaks to set up a nervy ending. City managed to hold out for a 3-2 win, which keeps City in the Tier 1 competition alongside many of the top clubs in the country. 
Many of the team have played together since Minis and it is impressive and rewarding to see how far they have come. There were numerous candidates for Man of the Match, but it goes to George Harrad who was always alert in defence, made some excellent tackles, took the ball out of the air imperiously and had an excellent workrate. We wait with baited breath to see who we will be up against in the next round. 
RESULT: W 3-2 
SCORERS: Cameron Cooke,Ross Butler,Ross Butler 
POTM: George Harrad

U18B - Warwick (EH U18 R6) - D 3-3 - Heartbreak for U18 Boys
U18 BOYS XI - 11/03/2018 VS WARWICK (A) 
TEAM: U18 Boys XI 
DATE: 11/03/2018 
FIXTURE: U18 Boys XI VS 11/03/2018 
HEADLINE: Heartbreak for U18 Boys 
VENUE: Warwick HC 
RESULT: 3-3 Draw (Lost on Flicks) 
City’s U18 boys team travelled across England to Warwick on Sunday full of hope for their quarter final against Warwick HC in the U18 Cup. Ultimately it was to be a gutsy yet disappointing performance with City desperately unlucky to lose out. 
After a week of making sure we had enough players for the fixture, City travelled with a strong but small squad of 11 players to Warwick HC. City started strongly and within 5 minutes Josh Bailey had dribbled into the D on the left and found Harry Paterson who calmly slotted the ball for a 1-0 win. City weren’t playing their best but still were strong enough to be comfortably on top. The coaches were just preparing their half time talk when one of the umpires made a decision that was to change the match and have a huge influence on the result. Warwick were attacking our goal, when City Keeper Billy Buckingham made what appeared to be a great challenge for the ball. For reasons which no-one else could see (including the opposition coaches), the umpire awarded a penalty flick to the opposition as well as giving Billy a ten minute yellow card.  
City valiantly fought to keep Warwick out of our D for the ten minute sin bin, but Warwick not only scored the flick, but also two other goals in the period to lead 3-1. City had a mountain to climb but, moved up several gears to put all the pressure on Warwick. Eventually, after good work from Paterson, stand-in striker Ross Butler scored City’s second. Then with five minutes to go, the ball was crossed from the right and Alex Merron imperiously drove the ball home to level the scores. City attacked relentlessly for the last five minutes and when Josh Bailey’s reverse stick shot just missed the goal at the end, we knew we were going to flicks.  
The flick competition was tight but someone had to win and it was Warwick 4-3. We wish Warwick well in the next round. However, City justifiably felt hard done by in a match where we had scored three times and the opposition did not score any when we had a keeper on the pitch! Man of the match was Billy Buckingham who was imperious in goal, including making a couple of saves that seemed nigh on impossible, and who took the umpire’s decision in a very mature way. 
Thanks are due to all the parents for their support, everyone who searched high and low for players during the week, and to Frosty for his calm support on the bench. But most of all thanks to all the players in the squad, each of whom have been a pleasure to coach – and particularly those for who, after so many years representing City in the Minis and Juniors, this was their last junior game. It has been a great journey and all of us who have been on the journey with you (Al, Frosty, Geoff, Pies, Nigel etc….) have enjoyed it! 
RESULT: D 3-3 
SCORERS: Harry Paterson,Ben Withers,Alex Merron 
POTM: Billy Buckingham

U18G - City of Peterborough U18G (EH U18 R4) - D 1-1 - City U18 Girls Win 4-3 on Penalty Flicks
TEAM: Fillies XI 
DATE: 04/02/2018 
FIXTURE: Fillies XI VS 04/02/2018 
HEADLINE: City U18 Girls Win 4-3 on Penalty Flicks 
LEAGUE: U18s England Hockey Cup Competition 
VENUE: Taverham, Norwich 
RESULT: 4-3 WIN on Penalty Flicks 
Norwich City U18 Girls v City of Peterborough U18s (result Norwich City won 4-3 on flicks) 
Peterbough started much the brighter of the two teams with some strong running from their mid-field players. Norwich City defence was resolute and combined well as a unit to thwart the waves of attacks. Several early short-corners for Peterborough showed the threat that they posed, but super pressure from the defensive runners prevented any success for the opposition. Norwich City's wide forwards continued to offer an outlet as they caused problems for the opposition defenders with fast counter-attacks. Peterborough finally made the break through with a well worked goal. This did little to dampen the City spirits as the girls came out fighting. Abbie bossed the middle of the pitch. The defensive unit worked well together to continually transfer the ball around the back and move the opposition players. City then managed to gain the upper hand and had the majority of the possession which resulted in a number of short-corners. It was not long before City equalised and then hunted down a possible victory. With City dominating the game, a yellow card and short-corner reversal, gave Peterborough a way back into the game. The opposition gained confidence and started to create chances of their own. City still pushed, and a mad goal line scramble saw City thwarted from taking the lead. The game ended 1-1 with 'flicks' to follow. Peterborough stepped up first only for City's keeper to push it wide. City's opening takers were cool as cucumbers as they slotted home. City's keeper then guessed correctly for the second and pushed another Peterborough flick wide. With nerves jangling, there were two saves from the Peterborough keeper and another save from City which resulted in a final City flick to take the victory - without any hesitation, Sophia stepped up and slotted home to take the win. The girls should be really proud of their performance against a strong Peterborough side. They played some super hockey throughout and were a real credit to the club.  
RESULT: D 1-1 
SCORERS: Sophia Basset 
POTM: Rebecca Gaffney





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