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Mens 1st XI
East Premier Division A
Aug22M1 vs Selection GameHTaverham - H2O10:00F    POSTPONED   
Aug29M1 vs Harleston Magpies 1HTaverham - H2O13:00F
Sep03M1 vs Bury St Edmunds 1ACulford School19:45F
Sep05M1 vs Chelmsford 1AChemler Park12:30F
Sep10M1 vs UEA 1HTaverham - H2O20:00F
Sep12M1 vs IES 1HTaverham - H2O14:30F
Sep19M1 vs Spalding 1AGlenn Park12:30F
Sep26M1 vs Letchworth 1HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Oct03M1 vs Dereham 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Oct10M1 vs City of Peterborough 2 ADalrod Sports Ground14:30L
Oct17M1 vs Ipswich 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Oct24M1 vs Chelmsford 1 AChelmer Park13:00L
Oct31M1 vs Old Southendian 1HTaverham - H2O14:30L
Nov07M1 vs Cambridge University 1AWilberforce Road15:00L    POSTPONED   
Nov08M1 vs Bury St Edmunds 1HTaverham - H2O13:00EH Tier 2 Cup    POSTPONED   
Nov14M1 vs Saffron Walden 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L    POSTPONED   
Nov19M1 vs Norwich School 1HTaverham - H2O20:00F    CANCELLED   
Nov21M1 vs Cambridge City 2AWilberforce Road15:00L    POSTPONED   
Nov28M1 vs Wapping 2HTaverham - H2O14:30L    POSTPONED   
Dec05M1 vs Bedford 1HTaverham - H2O14:30L    POSTPONED   
Dec12M1 vs NCHC W1ATaverham - H2014:30F    POSTPONED   
Dec19M1 vs Norwich City 2 HTaverham - H2O13:00F
Dec26M1 vs
Jan02M1 vs Bury St Edmunds 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30F    POSTPONED   
Jan09M1 vs Letchworth 1ALetchworth Corner Sports Club13:30L    POSTPONED   
Jan16M1 vs Dereham 1 ADereham HC13:30L    CANCELLED   
Jan23M1 vs City of Peterborough 2 HTaverham - H2O14:30L    CANCELLED   
Jan30M1 vs Ipswich 1 ATuddenham Road12:00L    CANCELLED   
Feb06M1 vs Chelmsford 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L    CANCELLED   
Feb07M1 vs Cambridge University 1AL    CANCELLED   
Feb13M1 vs Saffron Walden 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30L    CANCELLED   
Feb20M1 vs Old Southendian 1 AWarnes Bridge Astro13:30L    CANCELLED   
Feb27M1 vs Cambridge University 1HTaverham - H2O14:30L    CANCELLED   
Feb28M1 vs Bury St Edmunds 1 HTaverham - H2O13:00EH Tier 2 CUP -    CANCELLED   
Mar06M1 vs Saffron Walden 1 AL    CANCELLED   
Mar13M1 vs Cambridge City 2 HTaverham - H2O14:30L    CANCELLED   
Mar20M1 vs Wapping 2 ALee Valley Hockey and Tennis CentreL    CANCELLED   
Mar27M1 vs Bedford 1 ABedford Hockey Club13:30L    CANCELLED   
Apr03M1 vs
Apr10M1 vs Bury St Edmunds 1 HTaverham - H2O14:30F    CANCELLED   
Apr17M1 vs Harleston Magpies AHarleston HC13:15F
Apr24M1 vs UEAAUEA Sportspark17:30F
May01M1 vs
May01M1 vs
May08M1 vs
Jun06M1 vs St Neots 1ALongsands Academy13:30EH M1C
Jun20M1 vs EH MENS R3EH MC
Jun27M1 vs EH MENS R4EH MC
Jul04M1 vs EH MENS R5EH MC
Jul10M1 vs EH MENS R6EH MC

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