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Youth Hockey


City overcame all comers to convincingly win the Pelicans U10 Boys tournament scoring 10 goals and conceding none in their five games. An achievement that was all the more pleasing as, for a number of reasons, we didn't have a substitute and so all seven boys worked their socks off in each and every game. 
On a cool but significantly warmer day than last year (those that were there last year will remember Eskimos and snowmen wouldn't have looked out of place) the sun shone and the wind abated.....is this a first for Kings Lynn? Competition was provided by two Dragons teams, Magpies, Pelicans and Dereham with matches lasting 8-9 minutes. 
Game 1 - Dragons B (won 3-0) 
The first match was against Dragon's second team who adopted an unusual tactic to keep the score down.....turn up on the pitch after 5 minutes which when you're centrally timing makes rules and regulations interesting. Anyway, as the conspiracy theories ran wild, City’s boys won 3-0 in the remaining 3-4 minutes of the game. We dominated from start to finish with our defence untroubled, the midfield of Joseph Roy, Jonty Black and Oliver Millett passed and moved with total assurance and Freddie Paterson was irrepressible up front. The first goal came from a magnificent move by Joseph who slipped the ball to Freddie for a simple tap-in (a fine example of good and unselfish hockey). The second was an excellent example of how to read the game. Dragons tried to clear the ball across the defence, Joseph, ever alert pounced with the predatory skills of a soaring Eagle, to rob the keeper and calmly slot the ball home. The third culminated in a period of continued pressure that eventually resulted in Freddie popping the ball in. City still had time to give Ethan Marchant and Toby Pallister some time on the ball as they stepped into midfield for the final minute whilst Jonty and Joseph took up defensive (observational) duties. Man of the match was Freddie. 
Game 2 - Magpies (won 2-0) 
Both teams were ready and on the pitch in time to share a full and closer contest. Whilst this was a tougher game, City were always in control, their fast passing, dribbling and ball retention a joy to behold. When they play like this it really makes management easy! The opening goal came from an excellent defensive interception from Toby who drove the ball down the right before passing to Oliver who then just weaved his stick as if it was Harry Potter's wand past the hapless defenders and bashed the ball into the far corner....WOW! Not content with scoring an excellent goal Oliver then weaved his creative magic battling for the ball down the right before a neat cross to Freddie who simply did what he does best....bashed it in the goal. Yet again Joseph, Jonty and Oliver were superb. Man of the match was Oliver. 
Game 3 - Pelicans (won 3-0) 
Another very good game where City's defence were actually put under some pressure.....just to show that in addition to a multi-dimensional marauding attacking force we have a heart of steel. Goal one, followed some excellent pressure by Jonty that forced a penalty corner.....step up Freddie....BASH, BANG and the the ball is rebounding off the back board before the Pelican's have barely moved - take that! A lovely pass from Joseph, beautiful in its simplicity, to Jonty on the left allowed Jonty to drive into the D and smash his shot against the post....never fear, Jospeh was there to snap up the rebound! There are some moments in any game that will live with you, some for their genius, some for their simplicity and some for their down right audacity......step forward Ethan.....Pelicans hit the ball down the left flank....Ethan with plenty of time to step around the ball! take it on his open stick and decide which one of his dynamic team mates to pass to (per the coaching manuals!!!) decides NAHHHH ....reverse stick smack straight to Joseph through the Peli's defence...deserved a goal for audacity....sadly not this time. Goal three ...... Joseph to Freddie who drove into the D, made space for the shot, good save by the keeper only for Jonty to slot the rebound. Late on Ethan nearly got on the score sheet....so close! So, three games down and our Goalie Will, hasn't had a touch! 
Man of the match Jonty. 
Game 4 - Dereham (won 1-0) 
This was a bit of an unknown quantity in that Dereham hadn't played in the previous tournament at Magpies but they had already drawn with Dragons first team so needed to be treated with respect. The team did not play very well having passed and moved so brilliantly in the previous games they all decided to try and dribble....Hmmmmmmm! Our goal game from good defensive work by Ethan who (back with the coaching manual) passed with pin point precision to Joseph. Joseph and Freddie then raced down the pitch using a series of one-twos for that man Freddie to score again. Ethan and Toby both worked well in goal but it was Will's first touch of the tournament....a splendid kick that made sure we remained with a clean sheet and a 100% record.  
I (Simon Black) take most of the responsibility for this performance not being up to the standard of the previous three....I forgot to hand the jelly babies out before this game....normal service was resumed for the final match....sorry team....I'll try and do better next time. 
Man of the match Will. 
Game 5 - Dragons A (won 1-0) 
This was always going to be tough (we'd just lost out at the Magpies tournament to them and they had a couple of subs and we didn't) but a sheer will to win meant the result was never in any doubt. Joseph's reading of the game, when to attack, when to defend, when to dribble, when to pass was majestic. Oliver, Freddie and Joseph all came close to scoring but it was Jonty who got the crucial goal with a reverse stick hit following yet another good Freddie penalty corner strike. When Dragons did attack Toby and Ethan, ably supported by the midfield snuffed out any and all threats. Again, Will showed his powers of concentration with another excellent kick to thwart the Dragons who huffed and puffed but clearly ran out of fire [sorry ed., couldn't resist]. 
Man of the match Joseph. 
Whilst we were pretty dominant in all the games special thanks to the defence for retaining their concentration and so that we maintained FIVE clean sheets. Also very well done to Oliver and Toby in their first tournament of the year and a get well soon to Harry McKenzie who fell ill on Saturday and will be gutted to have missed out on the medals. 
Well done to you all and I hope to see you all at training on Sunday. 

U10 Boys come so close in Magpies Tournament
A four match tournament at Magpies promised to give the City U10 team something to get their teeth into. With some players having had experience last year of this tournament, which comes so early in the year, we had some conviction that we might get a few goals. Making their debuts into the fiery cauldron stepped Ethan Rushton, Henry Ingram and Will Farrow - well done to them all in what was a step up in standard and skill levels since last these guys played competitive Hockey. 
Vs Pelicans 
Result 3-0 win 
In a comfortable victory, the goals came from Freddie Paterson with an assist by Joseph Roy, Harry McKenzie again with an assist by Joseph and then a lovely three man play involving Rocco Iaccarino to Freddie to Harry. Several more short-corners then ensued with no reward, despite good pressure and plenty of ambition. Also of note were crucial intercepts by the indomitable Jonty Black turning their counter attack into our counter attack and some nice dribbles down the right wing to the corner using the whole width of the field by Harry. 
Vs Dragons 
Result 0-1 loss 
In this well-matched game, with superior possession and territory by City, we committed the cardinal sin of not switching on from the start which meant a good Dragons finish put us behind in the first minute. This early goal then dictated the game tempo: too many rushed passes went to opposition sticks and we lost possession too often at crucial moments which, coupled with taking on too many players through undoubtedly immense frustration, left us inevitably without space to play the passes necessary to score. Even with 6 Dragons in a row we tried to do the impossible and dribble through them all when the easy pass could have bypassed the lot... Food for thought, and sadly despite having most of the play we went away empty handed. The highlights were some nicely weighted passes by Rocco and a couple of great clearances by Will. 
Vs Watton 
Result 9-0 win 
A clean sheet and 9 goals in 12 minutes illustrated the quality and passion in our side when we play hockey as a team. We passed the ball to stick and made space by running off the ball. It looked like a transformation with some nice half and forward interplay, even though the backs would have liked more to do! Freddie scored a hat-trick plus 1, Harry a hat-trick too, Rocco scored the fifth goal in the series and Jonty wasn't going to miss out on the great goal fest and slotted the ball 'twixt keeper and post. Freddie may have scared a couple of defenders with his "Charging Rhino" shot, so named as it could have downed a 2 tonne adult male Rhino in full canter (approx 35mph).  
Vs Harleston 
Result 2-0 win 
A really exciting finale despite the result being somewhat a foregone conclusion again illustrates the deep wells of tenacity and resilience from this team that seemed to mature before the spectator into a precision drilled unit, never giving an inch and always looking to work for each other. Will, Ethan and Jonty had plenty to do and were ably assisted by the hard working halves. Harry scored from a really well worked short corner routine with the interplay from Joseph and Jonty creating the space and time for a solid strike that crashed through the defense's sticks. Joseph scored from another interplay with Jonty and Harry in open play. Henry played a vital role up front, stretching the Harleston defence so they couldn't apply the pressure on our goal that they would have liked to and Ethan repulsed wave after wave of the black and white Harleston Magpies. Will made some great saves covering his posts and keeping his head and showed a really good start for a promising season. 
Overall the team came narrowly second in the tournament, having won three of the four games with a goal difference of +13, which gives us an indication of what the team can achieve this year. The boys played well and were justifiably pleased to collect their medals for a good performance. Well done to all the team and thanks to Manager Rachel Millett, the coaches and parents for making it all happen. 

U10 Boys Win Watton Tournament
The glorious sunshine brought out the best in the players and the spectators and produced some excellent hockey. Whilst all the squad played very well I'd particularly like to thank Rio Iaccarino for playing the first match for the U10s and then performing very well for the U12s for the remainder of the tournament. 
In fact most of the U10s had the unusual warm up of getting pitch time in the U12s first game against eventual winners Dragons. We are really not too sure why the U12s were one short but all the U10s enjoyed the experience. Rather than try to juggle players rotating on and off for both the U10s and U12s, Rio became the hero of the hour. 
Now back to the exploits of the U10s.... 
The first game against Dragons always looked to be our toughest test on paper and this proved to be the case, although City's flowing movement controlled the game with an opening victory never looking in doubt. City took the lead inside the first 5 minutes (games were 15 mins one way....tough in the sun!!) from their second short corner. A good strike from Freddie Paterson led to a goal mouth scramble which eventually saw Joseph Roy slipping the ball past a despairing keeper.  
Whilst City always looked the most likely to score, the defence of Jack Beckett and Rio made some fantastic tackles followed by assured passes down the flanks. Jack was playing a dynamic defensive role that led to several mazey runs and a number of good shots. At times it was difficult to tell who was playing in midfield and who was in defence as the whole team seemed to capture the essence of fluid 'total hockey' that left the coaches (yep opposition ones too!) purring. The second goal game from a Jack Beckett tackle in his own D, then a dribble the length of the pitch before a calmly weighted pass to Freddie who popped it in the back of the net. 
As is often the case, Kieran Myatt in goal made a couple of excellent saves (a nice one with the stick standing out) on the odd occasion he was called on. Final result 2-0. Man of the match: Jack Beckett. 
Next up was Watton. After an early scare when one of the Watton players tried scoring from the push back (thanks Jack for the tackle) this became a dominant display with the almost telepathic understanding between Joseph Roy and Jonty Black coming to the fore. Joseph provides positional awareness and a calmness beyond his years whilst Jonty is simply a bouncy ball on speed. 
Freddie opened the scoring with a trade mark Exocet into the bottom left hand corner from City's second penalty corner. The second followed shortly afterwards...Jonty made a driving run down the right then slipped the ball to Freddie who slipped it to Jack (yep our defender!) to slot home. 
Now the cogs were oiled, the wheels turning and the team were...C-R-U-I-S-I-N-G!!! 
Goal number three was reward for sheer determination. Jonty went off on one of his mazey dribbles (well more like fast and direct runs) down the right, drove the ball into the D where the cross was blocked. Jonty tackled and the next cross was blocked. Jonty tackled again...three defenders and a goalie versus Jonty....ball pops across the gaol for that man Jack to score again! Not to be outdone, Freddie completed the scoring calmly converting yet another Jonty cross. Just before the end Rocco took a nasty blow to the ankle and was replaced by six year old Matty Roy who made a couple of excellent tackles and even got in on an attack....the cherry on the icing on the cake for the Roy household. Final result 4-0. Man of the match Jonty Black. 
Our final game was against Dereham. This proved to be a scrappy affair where the heat of the day looked to have taken its toll. Much of City's attacking came from the midfield trio of Samuel Doncaster, Joseph Roy and Jonty Black but this was largely negated by some resolute, often last ditched defending. Freddie created a number of half chances that were thwarted at the last minute. After 10 minutes a nice move down the left between Joseph and Samuel came to Freddie who looked to have taken the ball too far right but what do I know as he calmly belted the ball passed the outstretched form of the goal keeper into the opposite corner. Just when you thought City were going to take control, Dereham broke away and Kieran Myatt stormed off his line to kick the ball to safety. Not to be outdone Jack Beckett made the game safe with a couple of minutes to go with a drilled shot from the top of the D. Dereham were unlucky in the dying seconds not to get a consolation goal when a breakaway saw a shot hit the post (Kieran assures me he had it covered). Final result 2-0. Man of the match Joseph Roy. 
A good day out and a lovely way to end the season for the U10s. Good luck to those boys who now move up an age group and I look forward to seeing you all at training next year. None of the team's success would be possible without the fantastic support of the parents...warm sunny days at Watton are "easy" but freezing Sundays at coaching (even with Sarah's boundless enthusiasm) can be tough - a big thank you to you all. 
Good luck to the U14s in the national finals.....maybe just maybe some of this year's U10s might get to that level with a bit of luck one day. 
Thank you and see you all next season (or the official opening of the new pitch...27 May)! 
Al, Sam, Paul and Simon. 

U10 Boys Win Alex Hill Memorial Trophy
A bright and sunny day welcomed the Norwich City Team to Dereham's Alex Hill Memorial Tournament. Not only was the team shocked by the warm weather but also by the sight of Coach Paul arriving on time. It had to be a good omen!  
We took time to prepare for the games and settle into the environment, which with the warmer weather helped us to get off to a quick start and seemed to sustain our energy levels through the series of 15 minute games. Our first game was against Dragon 'B's. Monty created an early short corner through a foot infringement in the opposition D. Struck by Kieran Limb onto the pads this was finished off by Freddie. It was nice to be off to an early lead but Dragons came back fast and only an important tackle by Jack kept us in front. A couple of further short corners kept the pressure on Dragons and then a classic move down the right wing started off by Jack's tackle and swift pass led to a good strike by Harry scoring our second.  
Result 2-0 WIN 
POTM Jack Beckett 
Our second game was against Dereham. Jonty, Joseph and Harry made the midfield their own in the opening set of plays with some nice one-twos leaving defenders in their wake. We had a great strike from Freddie from a short corner with Jonty and Harry following up. 3 more short corners followed the last forced by Freddie and eventually, inevitably we drew a goal with a one on one finish against the goalie by Harry. Again the score nearly drew level as a quick take by Dereham caught us with a gap in defence and only the quick response of Kieran Myatt (off his line like a rocket propelled bulldozer) saved our bacon. A neat reversal of this occurred with an interception by Rio who passed the ball up to Monty who knocked it to Harry to score. Really good Hockey; making the ball do the work. 
Result 2-0 WIN 
POTM Harry McKenzie 
Our final game against Dragons 'A' was played with a tournament win already guaranteed. Nonetheless the boys had a taste and so it would seem, a knack for it now. Freddie was closest with a shot that struck the pads and made spectators on the U12 sideline turn their heads in wonder. Monty made an important clearance from the D when the pressure was beginning to tell. It was a close game, with end to end play at the end of a hot day, so when in the dying seconds of the game Harry forced a short corner and Freddie connected it was great to hear the thud of the backboard and know that victory was ours.  
Result 1-0 WIN 
POTM Freddie Paterson 
Squad: Kieran Myatt, Kieran Myatt (GK), Kieran Limb, Monty Platt, Rio Iaccarino, Joseph Roy, Freddie Paterson, Harry McKenzie, Jack Beckett, Jonty Black 
Well done, a terrific day! Congratulations to the team and thank you to the parents! 
Paul and Simon  

City U10 Boys in the Medals at Pelicans Tournament
Having recovered from the shock of a warm day at Kings Lynn, we were entertained by some very enjoyable hockey. 
There were only three teams in the U9 section, Pelicans, Dragons and ourselves. Teams played each other once (10 minutes each way) with City coming 2nd and collecting runners up medals which was a nice surprise. The City squad was Kieran Myatt, Kieran Limb, Cameron Husband, Samuel Doncaster, Jonty Black, Joseph Roy, Monty Platt and Ethan Rushton. 
The first game was against Pelicans, who were just that little bit stronger than us and probably deserved to win, although 2-0 was a little flattering to them. Having said that, man of the match Kieran Myatt pulled off a string of excellent saves to keep the score level until midway through the second half. Cameron and Kieran Limb combined well in defence and the midfield (Joseph, Jonty and Monty) worked tirelessly. Samuel worked hard up front but did not get much chance in a largely defensive City display. Ethan came on as an attacker for the second half but his defensive tendencies supported the wider team effort. 
The second game against Dragons was a very even affair that ended 0-0. Both teams played a mixture of flowing hockey and resolute defending. Ethan and Cameron performed well in defence and Kieran Limb demonstrated his versatility by playing up front. Jonty, Joseph and Samuel combined well in midfield in the first half, with Monty doing well in the second half. Man of the match was Jonty for his tackling and determination in defence, midfield and attack. 
For the record, Pelicans finished first winning both their games with City coming second on goal difference. It was another good performance from our young U10 team, who are gaining experience with every tournament. 
Simon Black, Paul Roy and Sam Myatt

Norwich City Girls U10s Are County Champions!
The NCHC u10girls arrived at Pelicans on Sunday morning ready to play their first match of the tournament against Magpies. Magpies had beaten NC the previous Sunday at the Dragons tournament, therefore a 0 – 0 final score proved a very positive start for City. Claudia van Poortvliet and Sarah Andrews defended very well against a determined Magpies attack and in the second stage of the game City managed to have most of the game in their half with many unsuccessful attempts at goal.  
The second match against Dragons started tentatively with much of the play in the Dragons half testing City’s defence and challenging Molly Barker, City’s keeper. After some excellent work in the midfield, notably by Ellie Hobden on the right wing a goal by Victoria Garson at the half way mark settled City into an attacking game. The subsequent play was then concentrated in City’s half with Amelia Barclay scoring a second goal.  
NC had not met the Pelicans this season so they were an unknown opponent going into the third game. City started confidently with Amy Barker scoring quickly to start. After some confusion over a short corner decision Victoria Garson listened to the referee, kept the play going and scored a second goal.  
Going into the final match City were leading their group on goal difference and the girls knew that they would need to score as many goals as possible against Dereham win. Alice Moore’s first goal seconds after the opening whistle lifted City’s confidence and City played an exciting and fast moving final game with Amelia Barclay scoring again.  
NCHC U10 girls won the county championships and all the girls should be congratulated for their contribution to a determined team performance played with great spirit and commitment. 
NC v Magpies 0 – 0  
NC v Norwich Dragons 2 – 0 (Victoria Garson, Amelia Barclay) 
NC v Pelicans 2 – 0 Amy Barker, Victoria Garson) 
NC v Dereham 2 – 0 (Alice Moore, Amelia Barclay) 
Picture shows Norwich City U10 Girls and U12 A Girls, both of whom are County Champions for their age group. 

U10 Boys' Valiant Efforts Bode Well for the Future
Our young team competed well over the four games in the County Championship, getting better each game which bodes well for the future. 
Played 4, won 1, drew 1, lost 2. 
The first match was against Pelicans who were clearly geed up as the home team. They started very quickly and took an early lead. An unfortunate injury to Joseph Roy upset our shape and despite the sterling efforts of Monty Platt and Harry Mckenzie our desire to equalise meant we got caught on the break near the end to lose 2-0. Player of the match Monty. 
Next up was Dragons. A much better performance where the defence and midfield worked very well in an even contest of few genuine goal scoring opportunities. Jack Beckett did particularly well on the left and deserved the player of the match award in this 0-0 draw. 
Dereham were next in a game that City dominated. Excellent movement and passing from the defence of Rio Iaccarino and Kieran Limb through the midfield to attack meant we created many chances. Jack's movement up front generated plenty of scoring opportunities that were saved or slipped just wide of the post. With Joseph dominating the game at both ends it was fitting that having started a delightful interchange down the left he should pass across the goal for Jonty Black to score with the last hit of the game. City won 1-0 and Joseph was player of the match. 
By far our best hockey was saved for the last game against Magpies. From Freddie Paterson's stick work creating chances and concern in the Magpies defence to the midfield tackling and passing of Monty, Harry and Joseph and the defending of Kieran, Rio and keeper Kieran Myatt it looked liked we really had a chance to topple the tournament leaders. We lost 1-0 to a shot that agonisingly trickled into the corner but I really thought Freddie's last second penalty corner strike was going to give us the draw we deserved. In a very good team performance Joseph Roy again earned player of the match for a delightful move that started with him saving a ball on the line and ended with a good save by the Magpies' keeper. Kieran M made some very good saves to keep us in the game. 
With most of our team a year younger than the opposition, overall this was a good performance. Thank you to all the players for giving it their all, to the parents...your support is invaluable (and it was bitterly cold!) and to Al, Anna, Sam and Paul (and Sarah of course!). 
Simon Black

U10 'B' Girls Score Maiden Tournament Victory
Norwich City Girls U10B's arrived at the Dragon's Den with the aim of hopefully breaking their duck and managing to score a goal as well as gain their first ever victory! 
On a very pleasant bright morning we started very well against Dragon's B. We bossed the game from the very first minute and made our possession count. When after good play from Kate Houlday, Abi Flatt got in front of the defender to squeeze the ball past the Dragon's goalie to secure their first victory 1-0. 
The second match was against Magpies B which we anticipated would be tough. Norwich again enjoyed the majority of play. With again most of the play being spent in the oppositions half. Unfortunately we could not break Magpies down and the game finished in a 0-0 draw. 
In our third game we faced Dragon's B for the second time. The girls were straight out of the blocks with Kate scoring a quick fire double in the first few minutes to take the game out of Dragon's reach with minutes still to be played. With the defensive rock pair of Lottie Smith & Amelia Anema in top form we gained our second victory 2-0. 
As we went into the final game, after three matches the girls had won two & drawn one. We knew all we had to do was not lose against Magpies B and a first tournament success was there for the girls taking. We needn't have worried, as with confidence sky high we opened the scoring through Abi Flatt after good work from Abi Hill. The victory was sealed with the best move of the tournament with Lila Hallam slotting the ball into the back of the net after excellent work from Lottie, Abi Flatt & Kate, to seal a magnificent day with a 2-0 win. 
So over all, we played four, won three and drew one. With five goals scored and nil conceded. It was extremely pleasing to see the girls continue to flourish game by game and see such a big improvement from our last tournament.  
A quick mention to Grace Thrower in goal who was always alert but was never troubled. 
The whole team was outstanding and it is very difficult to name a player of the tournament with good performances and determination throughout. But Kate Houlday deserves it with her non stop running and great smile! 
Finally a big thank you for all the great support. 
Alex Flatt 

Great Performance from Norwich U10 Boys
Norwich City U10s are a very young group, with most of the players in the U9 age group. With that in mind, our aim from the tournament was simply to play good hockey. However, the boys played out of their skins and easily exceed the coaches’ aspirations! 
A Team Tournament - Finished Second 
Having played friendlies against Dragons last week we knew we had to dig deep to win our first game. The goal build up came from sterling work in defence clearing through the line to reach our striker Freddie Paterson who calmly dribbled through a defender, drew the keeper and slotted it home. POTM goes to Kieron Limb for rebuffing attack after attack which helped City hold on for a1-0 win, a result that drove a stake through the Dragons’ heart.  
Next up were Harleston. Highlights were the strong clearances and positive goalkeeping from Kieron Myatt (who wins Player of the Match) and a short corner forced by Freddie at the other end but alas it wasn't to be and we were pipped by the eventual tournament winners in a tight game.  
A short break rekindled our spirits and hard work brought a convincing and deserved victory against Pelicans. Joseph, Harry and Monty controlling the midfield and stringing passes together building the pressure that resulted in a coolly taken run from Freddie that resulted in the goal and earns him Player of the Match in the 1-0 City win. 
And finally, we came up against Dereham. Again putting the work in led to the creation of chances that brought nicely finished goals from Freddie and Harry McKenzie. The first a reverse stick sweep, the second a cracking shot from a narrow angle. Meanwhile Rio Iaccarino was the rock at the back, tackling well and earning Player of the Match. 
Overall the A team came narrowly second, behind Harleston, which was a pleasing result and better than we hoped for! The good things we put into practice : clearing our lines, playing as a team, a better work rate including tracking back. Off the pitch we learnt that keeping warm and focussed helped us win these short tournament games.  
B Team Tournament - FInished Second 
There is only one word to describe the performance of the B Team at Dragons and that is AWESOME! 
The silver tournament only had 3 teams, Norwich City , Dragons and Harleston. 4 games were played in total, 2 against each team. 
The first and third game were against Dragons, a side we had played friendly matches with the previous weekend at which they faired slightly better than we did. The boys did not let this get them down, on the contrary, they performed out of their socks. During the first game the defence of Rocco Iaccarino and Cameron Husband held the Dragons off with some crunching tackles and strong passes up front. The midfield combination of Jonty Black and Samuel Doncaster worked well with many balls being passed into the goal area to Oliver Leary who tried his best to get them in the back of the net. Both matches ended goalless but it was not for the want of trying. Players of the match were Jonty Black and Oliver Kimber respectively. 
Our matches against Harleston were both immediately after playing the Dragons, but the boys dug deep and performed well. During the first match Alex Dagless worked relentlessly at right midfield, a position he had never tried before but suited him, covering all of the pitch. Against the run of play Harleston scored even though our goalkeeper, Oliver Kimber, had managed to keep out every other effort that any of the teams had against him. The final match against Harleston was tough, it was Ethan Rushton’s first tournament for Norwich, he showed lots of skill and listened to all instructions making sure the ball didn’t get past him. Within the last minute of the game Cameron took a nasty knock to the ankle which meant a change at the back but we continued to hold them off for a draw. Players of the match for these last two games were Rocco Iaccarino and Samuel Doncaster respectively. 
Overall a great performance by a group that is still in the very early days of its competitive career. 
Well done to all the boys and thank you to the organisers especially the cake bakers! 

U10 Boys do everyone proud at NCHC Tournament!
On a bitterly cold day, the Norwich City Knights and the Norwich City Wizards lined up in the NCHC tournament. This was always going to be a tough tournament. We have a very young squad – only five of our outfield players are in Year 5, and of the nine Year 4 boys, almost all are born at the end of the school year. It was clear in the matches that we were giving away several inches and many kilos to our opposition. Add to that the fact that the Wizards was the only “B” team in the “A” team tournament, and you can see the mountain we had to climb! 
Norwich City Knights Team 
We started off with the NCHC derby, a good energetic game enjoyed by all. The Knights scored their first goal with a Monty Platt strike from a short corner, then Kieron Limb got a second came from a long corner which he picked up and flicked over the head of the goalie. Jack Beckett made his presence felt as right back linking well into this team, ensuring a 2-0 win to the Knights. 
The Knights faced Dragons next and had the lion's share of territory, passing and moving well in midfield. Rio Iaccarino sent some nice wide passes direct to stick giving Freddie Paterson a chance to work his magic down the right hand side. A couple of moves faltered metres from a goal line and then, against the run of play, we lost to the eventual tournament winners at the final whistle - the dragons scoring from a break and getting the benefit of an unstoppable deflection. No one's fault but it felt a bit like England vs South Africa in the recent Rugby union tests: close but no Rosette.  
Next the Pelicans offered a sterner test with several shortcorners and, as Cameron Husband and Joseph Roy were rotated at the back, this allowed Pelican pressure to eventually tell again right on the whistle. The luck clearly had to turn and the boys were determined to keep their heads up. In the final match,the Knights faced the Magpies. A new formation helped to repel attack after attack and, when the Magpies did get through, Kieran Myatt came into his own in goal with good clearances and saves. Midfield still maintained distribution to the forwards and we had some good runs. Goals were possible from either side but we matched the winners of the previous tournament on the field securing a good draw in what was probably the most dynamic and complete game we had played.  
All the boys played well, but player of the year goes to Kieran Myatt for excellent goalkeeping and wholehearted determination. 
Norwich City Wizards 
The boys of the Norwich Wizards were raring to go on this cold Sunday afternoon, but were also a bit nervous that they were to play in the Gold tournament. However, they soon settled when they found out that the first game was against Norwich Knights. The boys were told to enjoy themselves and run around lots so they didn't get cold. Throughout all 4 matches Oliver Kimber's performance in goal was inspiring, He blocked many shots and made some good clearances. Rocco Iaccarino, Oliver Leary and Harry Mackenzie were rotated through the striker and midfield positions. They all worked well together, supporting each other and getting the ball forward when they could. Because of this hard work Harry was rewarded with a goal against Pelicans. 
In defence Cameron Husband and Samuel Doncaster put in lots of really good tackles against some very strong attacking teams. During all 4 games the Wizards midfield, in particular, Jonty Black and James Bussey held the ball up well, getting it out wide in a stalwart attempt to get the ball up front for that elusive goal.  
Jonty Black was named as Player of the Tournament for his focus, determination and very high work rate. 
Overall this was a good performance from both Norwich City teams. Whilst finishing 5th, The Wizards learnt a lot about hockey in the tournament, played well and never let their heads drop. The Knights finished fourth, but all their games were extremely close and a couple of different bounces and we would have been very close to the top. The boys should be proud of their performance and we are very grateful for the continued support of the parents.

Norwich U10 Boys Impress at Harleston Tournament
At this early stage of the season our aim was to give the U10 boys a good run out, field two teams of fairly equal experience and, particularly, to make sure the boys enjoyed what was, for several, their first ever tournament! 
The first match was the City A v B derby, which was an excellent opener with all players getting involved. The B team defended strongly, particularly with Ben Millet in goal, Nat Buxton tackling everyone that crossed his path and Daniel Griffiths fighting gallantly at the back. However once Kieran Limb opened the scoring , the As got into their stride and ran out eventual 4-0 winners. Kieran scored a second and Freddie Paterson scored two more, dribbling down the right and always looking to get involved.  
A Team: 
The A team followed the City derby with Harleston A, which was always going to be a tough match. Our midfield and backs, particularly Joseph Roy, repelled attack after attack with some good saves and kicking clearances from Kieran Myatt and a timely clearance from Cameron Husband virtually off the line. However, Harleston ran out eventual 3-0 winners. 
Revenge did not take long to come, with the boys rallying strongly against the Harleston B team with a convincing 5-0 victory. A hat-trick was scored by Kieran Limb and goals by Freddie and Harry McKenzie completed our best win on the day. Particular mention must go to Harry's marvellous dribble, nimbly flicking the ball over one stick and around two more players down the left side. Some nice one-twos were seen in the forwards and the flowing hockey was great to see.  
Next up were Dragons. Particular praise is due to Cameron Tasker for the anticipation shown in coming forward for the 50:50 ball and for bossing the back half of the pitch denying many a fleeting attack. Harry McKenzie again showed great dribbling down the left half of the pitch with offloads to Keiran and Monty both picking the ball up well. However both teams failed to break out of the crowded midfield and the game ended 0-0.  
In the final game of the tournament, Norwich needed to beat Pelicans. Good work throughout the team led to a couple of City chances going begging. But, in a sudden break-away reversal it was nearly lost at the other end and only a heroic diving save from Keiran Myatt, the likes of which the Men's teams would have been proud of, kept the score to nil-nil. 
Everyone played exceedingly well, but A Team Player of the Tournament goes to Monty Platt for passing consistently well, dribbling when necessary and tirelessly making the effort to get back and defend.  
B Team: 
With the team boosted with an athletic snack (chocolate biscuits) we went into the second match against Magpies B. Rio and Rocco Iaccarino worked well together throughout the game with accurate and strong passes which lead to Rio getting the first goal for the team. After the game restarted Rio made a slick pass to Rocco who turned his defender and took the ball in a solo effort from midfield to score.  
The boys were buzzing when they took to the pitch to face the Dragons. Most of the play was in midfield, with the ball held up well by both Oliver Leary and Alex Dagless on the right. Jack Beckett, B Team Captain for the tournament, ensured that any ball that got through the midfield did not make it any further and the match ended in a well earned draw. 
We knew the last 2 matches would be the most difficult, Pelicans and Magpies A and whilst these resulted in losses, the team showed real character. Samuel Doncaster showed great skill and speed in all matches and during these final 2 matches his work rate was outstanding. Oliver Kimber, in goal, made some significant saves during both matches. Given he had only had 40 minutes goalie time prior to this tournament he was fantastic throughout!  
All the boys played well and contributed to the success of the team, which has made the choice of Player of The Tournament even more difficult, which is why on this occasion there will be two. First Rio Iaccarino for his all around skill and drive and, secondly, Samuel Doncaster for showing great commitment, enthusiasm and work rate during every match. 
All the boys put lots of effort into the tournament and were a credit to Norwich City. The A team finished a credible third, winning two, drawing two and losing only one; what is particularly impressive is that they only conceded three goals, with only Magpies A’s breaching City’s defence. The B team finished fifth, but given this was the first tournament for several players, their performance was impressive. And this is only the start - we are sure that both the teams and the players individually will continue to improve through the season.  
Finally the coaches would like to thank the many people who helped on the day including Graham Limb, Anna Platt, Janice Beckett and Karen Paterson, as well as the boys who were enthusiastic and a pleasure to coach. 
Paul Roy, Sam Myatt and Al Paterson

U10 Boys End Season with Gold at Watton
A strong Norwich City Under 10 Boys squad ended the season on a high note with victory in the Watton Mini Hockey Tournament on Sunday 29th April. 
The squad of Edward Briggs in goal, Daniel Byrne, Rio Iaccarino, Tom Bailey, Michael Milne-Brown, Tom Gourlay, George Harrad, Kieran Myatt and Kieran Limb put in three strong performances against Dragons, Derham and Watton to emerge winners on goal difference over Dragons. 
The first match, against Dragons, was a closely fought affair, but remained goalless to the end. 
Dereham were up next and City took the win courtesy of a fine hat-trick by Harrad. 
With the tournament result clearly resting on goal difference, the team were instructed to be ruthless against a young Watton team and they didn't disappoint, taking the win 6:0 with goals from Byrne, Harrad, Bailey and a hat-trick from Limb. 
So, a fine victory from a great bunch of lads brings the season to an end. All the under 10s have worked hard all season and have developed well together. 
For me and Sam Myatt, with a great deal of assistance from Graham Limb (amongst others) and with the support of Team Manager Anna Hipperson and Sarah Anthony, it has been a real pleasure coaching this group of boys throughout the season. Thanks to them and to their mums and dads. See you in September. 
Colin Brown 





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