Norwich City Hockey Club
Men vs Broxbourne in HA Cup (17/10/1999)

Action from the HA Cup when Norwich City Men's 1st XI lost 4-5 to Broxbourne.
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Corners preparing for corners - here he goes... Stroke ! - 1 fine Lister !!! Steven Fields - get your feet across to the ball - look GB - proof ! Where's the ball gone chaps ? Go on Pies - work it baby... Patel watching the glorious play of Cowan in action... Has JK slotted another ? Can you see the white fluffy rabbit Harv's ? No surely not - Look JK's actually looking up ! Harvey passes a superb ball across field to the camera man... What a mighty fine swing there skip ! Thanks for doing City in the last few minutes chaps...

What a fine figure of a man/person ! Panda modelling the latest in boxer shorts... JOE !?!?!?! Fat and Thin ! There's no place like home...  Joe - you could get fined for white socks mate ! Lordy - leave Hoops alone for heaven sake !